HEALERS co. – After Midnight

artist: HEALERS co.
title: After Midnight
keywords: experimental ambient drone new age psychedelic vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown Records

With enough sparkling sensations that are similar to the movements of a over excited moth that had just popped out of its cocoon, colorfully exploring its strangely colored rainbow wings for the very first time; ‘creature of the night’ flops out of the speakers, deliriously energetically flapping its presence around, leaving a nice instant trail of glitter dust all over the area.

From here you might think nice things will appear and happen, but apparently the colorful moth had chosen to morph into something else, as apparently we are being quickly greeted by a happy go lucky cannibal, who reluctantly rock and rolls around the dark corners with a great appetite for your fresh love meat. Oh yeah, baby! You read it right! Can’t blame the cannibal, as indeed you and me sure look tasty!

You can just hear that the cannibal isn’t one out of the history books, one dressed with a straw skirt and a human bone tucked in its hair for decoration; but more the kind that hobbles around in a eighties movie while wearing a leather jacket and a pair of tainted sunglasses. The cool cannibal is clearly very confident, shows himself like a true charmer, pretty convinced that you would easily offer yourself up to this cannibal as a pleasant meal – there will be no struggle, no fight; just a prey happily going into the cooking pot of this illustriously charming music individual.

It’s not entirely unremarkable that such a thing will happen, as this is all happening in the city of dreams and city of sleep, one that evidently establishes itself in the place wherever you will be hearing this album in. It sounds and feels will make you become just as subdued and entranced as that inhabitants of that city must be.

You can feel yourself becoming this creature’s food – turning you as a listening person in some kind of half sedated character that would not resist to lay down in the arms of a good looking handsome person who might clearly see you as a deliciously tasty meal.

When the flames of a fire is boiling up the cooking pot underneath you, you have still nothing to worry about., (other than the obvious pains of being boiled alive) as the music that you can hear is nice enough to make your own sacrifice worthwhile.

You are in good hands’ is what you might even think to yourself as the music does its hypnotic trance inducing pain-killer moves to keep you willingly in the cooking pot. You might even acknowledge what is happening in some kind of absent minded dreamy state, half complimenting the cannibal’s cooking skills, noting that it’s cooking like a true chef!

When your brain is all fried up on the artist’s table on a little bed of cozy salad you probably do not much thinking at all anymore: a true case of a good deal! No stress for you & lovely brainy food for our musically entertaining meat loving friend!

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2 Responses to HEALERS co. – After Midnight

  1. brokensilence034 says:

    I have always loved your pieces. Check out my site sometime. Keep up the work!

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