Origami Repetika – A Friend in Space and Time

artist: Origami Repetika
title: A Friend in Space and Time
keywords: Adult Contemporary
label: 20kbps https://20kbps.sofapause.ch/

A Friend in Space and Time is seemingly about one of those very special connections, something that can only really happen in the age of the internet in which by sheer adventurous change people from different parts of the globe have found each other. Happily dancing, chatting away in chat-rooms or in private mails while occupying a very delicate niche of mind-likeness, one in which they have something that they love and care for & what probably might not be findable anywhere in your closest of surroundings. Freaks connect with freaks and suddenly being so freaky becomes the new normal; isn’t that a great feeling?

This all could have been a very awkward writing if this niche is something like people who believe the earth is flat, or  the kind that have a fetish for bathing in beans, or those funny honeys that get turned on by balloons, or those strangers that find  each other by exchanging their odd fantasies of sensual clown-sex. They are out there, of course.. But this ‘A Friend in Space and Time’ is (i believe) more related to a different kind of niche, one who to me personally is very dear to me too, one that had been like a love, but without the whole sexual innuendo. One of true friendship and mutual interests. music – anti music – friendship – honesty – realness and the beautiful sound of lobit!

Yes. I’m talking about the wonderful Lobit scene. A very niche & probably small group of people and their many alter egos from all over the world that make and enjoy music in a low encoded format. They find utter joy in pissing on the standard rules and regulations of high fidelity fans that have been dominating the norm. Aren’t they a lovely bunch? I bet the lobit crowd would love to eat them as a nice brunch.

These worldly friends are colorfully accepting the pleasures of the sound of data-loss to become audio gain of lovely warmth even outfreaking the vinyl lovers and their nibbling nonsense of dust on their records & how it gains their listening sessions so much more warmth and homeliness. Lobit people are just out there to mix and mingle their equal passions in a state of open friendship, probably being outlaws elsewhere, but here in their own little bit of lobit space and time they are fully accepted members of a micro society.

. They don’t just enjoy the sound or the music, but somehow are also finding great interest in each other, wanting to know more about the colorful characters within this scene – what they do and what they stand for; how many fingers they have and if they too are unable to function outside the world of makebelieve. The honest will of wanting to know each other through music, words and art and mutual connections, seems like a perfect hobby for any lobit fanatic.

Origami Repetika’s release over here might not literally talk about the lobit scene, but it certainly can be applied – as from this lobit outsiderness the best of remarkable friendships have been formed, still going strong all those years, mutating, growing, some have been taking sabbaticals, others have gone full forward!

Origami Repetika is one of those people out there, always with its heart out and honesty high up – kindness is first as well as an interest in others a second & fun to make whatever he makes – even parading upfront in caring and sharing all that goes and comes around. (again – no corona virus reference!)

To me Origami Repetika is a bit like Jesus  of lobit land – full of love, interesting, interested and supportive! Who wouldn’t want to see him turn a glass of water in a glass of wine? Or better and more reasonable: who wouldn’t want to hear these lovely songs full of love?

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