Trium Circulorum – Noise Beach

Artist: Trium Circulorum
Title: Noise Beach
Keywords: electronic experimental noise techno technoid technoise Lakebay
Label: DT Digital

While a lot of the crazies are using the sunshine to be irresponsible as they settle down on a busy beach, ready to go for a good bit of salty sand between homemade sandwiches, some vitamin D from the sun and here and there a little intake of a hip virus that had been terrorising the people on earth like a unstoppable invisible blob with possible disastrous consequences..: I had been self isolating in a much nicer and possible much safer spot of choice.

Yeah, it’s at the beach alright, but one fairly secluded from anyone that even remotely seems to have the shape and size of a crowd. A beach that should somehow have been left off the map, probably kept to the local locals as the best known secret hideout to blow off some steam and hang out alone in when needed. This is still a place of true wild nature, completely unaffected by the horrors that is sunbathing tourism; there are no ice cream parlours or promenades filled with gambling slot machines to disturb the most immersive , all cleansing sound of the breaking waves arriving at the lonely rough looking beach.

I say rough, but it’s actually pretty smooth around here. It’s not a beach made out of many punchy stones, but one that is clearly made out of pure smooth sand, lovingly corroded away by each reoccurring touch of the salty sea. Here I had been, all alone, traveling slowly with my nose in the wind. One of the biggest surprises over here wasn’t even the solid solitude of a solo experience, but just the discovery that there are no seagulls around… no squawks of these birds will be heard – making the sounds of isolation at this immersive lonely beach even more surreal and into a one-on-one advent than any usual slumbering walk of beach-visits that I had before.

It’s making everything surreal, slowly doubting that if any of this is actually real, if this might be a case of dreaming of being at this wondrous beach while actually being quarantined in someone’s dusty basement? Whatever the case is, I have no reason to abandon this walk at the noise beach as here the mind can be rinsed from all stress, worries or even anything else that had been popping up in the head. Just kinda tripping out on the melodic hallucinations that this beach is providing while waves crush politely away is probably the best thing to go for.

Sharing this pleasant hideout with any of you feels a bit like shooting myself in the foot, as this feels like easing around in the best known secret hiding place in which someone can truly be alone in, but I guess you will visit responsible and not come all mass, flocking down with tour-buses filled with groups of visitors destroying the beautiful lonely area with their presence. Just come, by yourself, check if there is anyone else there – if so; wait till their are gone & than politely enter this nature of the noise beach yourselves. It will be (dream or not) a lovely calm natural experience…

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