Tereshkova – Bubblegum Études

artist: Tereshkova
title: Bubblegum Études
keywords: electronic experimental ambient microlabel music concrete post-everything seattle sound collage
label: SØVN Records

Lego pieces are a terrible thing when randomly placed upon the floor, becoming some kind of booby trap that you can step upon and instantly gives you a great sensation of utter pain. These pieces have been famous for this, luckily the people behind this release have found a positive way to happily dispose them in a newly found – may i say – almost – brilliant idea; sticking them together to form a beautiful case for the music cassette to be housed in! Wow, such brilliant recycling!

Now moving away from the tape’s looks, the inside of it is just as fun and playful as it outer parts. In fact it seems relatable to each other’s mix & match & recycling attitude because somehow on it you can come across some kind of positive collages,made out of diverse music materials, manipulated, glued and stacked together (like lego bricks) but in a much more smoother and less dangerous way. Hearing them gives us listener the feeling of having an active vacation in which various things and activities are laid out by our tour operator.

For the most part its an lovely adventure through the wondrous Hawaii; thanks to the music we visit all the corners of this place, doing some unique sight seeing to get the right buzz and vibes before moving on to another sight. It’s not just relaxing near a palm tree – but more a continues tour through music that actively explores a whole spectrum of possibility; a music vacation that would be ideal for anyone who is easily bored – as here you get whisked away before you can even really settle down, feeding us new inputs to see, explore and discover while also keeping them thematically nicely together. There is no pain here, no frustration or hustling – but no time to sit for lengthy periods on a beach as well – this is an active tour of music exploration and you might feel like you be in need to book a ambient vacation afterwards, just to chill out and take in what this tour had shown you.

Luckily there are some collages included that might be used to calm down and relax a bit – just as if you are sitting in the bus on a comfy seat on your way back to where you had came from before taking this active sight seeing vacation. But don’t take this idea literally, as in the world of Bubblegum Études by Tereshkova this moment of relaxation is actually an artist impression of a snowstorm. To me personally it doesn’t come across as such, more like a kind heated moment of travel-reflextion, with electronic bliss bubbling around nicely to get the postcards in your head sorted.

It goes very well with the retro sound of a melodic Reflection Pond that quickly leads us the way to another chill out experiment named ‘Lovestruck’. Here thought flubber and flop around like a broken computer game – making my head believe that its the sound of all the Hawaiian vacation spots being stored, managed and possibly analyzed in the head – so never to forget them, ready to be converted to stories to which the poor people at home will have to listen to until the end of days! I guess it’s much better than standing on a random lego brick, isn’t it? So nobody should really complain but just take this active music vacation just for themselves – the grumpy lot have no excuse to not go for it! https://sovnrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bubblegum-e-tudes

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