Alan Morse Davies – Junk Shop Radio

artist: Alan Morse Davies
title: Junk Shop Radio
keywords: alternative diy experimental improv United Kingdom
label: TQN-aut

Remember that cozy feeling of having a little wire attached to the radiator in order to receive some kind of signal from a radio broadcast somehow?
Probably not, cause I might be a bit of a cuckoo loner in this spectrum, but the point is that Alan Morse Davies made me think of this awkward memory of being a little child improvising with electric, making a little wire into some kind of antenne receiver, amplifying the thing by indeed holding it against the radiator.This must have been ages ago, probably even before the internet! Might this make me a dinosaur? A nostalgic one at last!

I don’t know why, how, or exactly when – but I do remember how magical it was that it actually worked; receiving very weak signals, mostly soft hissy noises that slowly and at certain specific random times turned into music or talking. It was such a discovery, the kind of life-changing experience that personally changed everything for me; it made noise, sound, music all intertwined and I remember how bloody excited I became!

This play-discovery was truly responsible for the love for noise and music that had been in my heart and veins ever since, turning me into this freak penning up nonstalgic nonsense on a blog with a funny name. The abstract radio noises & the transformations of them becoming something else and back was truly’ a true point of inspiration & profound audio addiction.

The album over here named ‘Junk Shop Radio’ might not have captured the same audio receptions that I had received as a playful toddler, but it certainly has that similar kind of effect. It’s to me, personally one of pure youth-sentiment, even though Alan Morse Davies is finding mostly classics between the radio noises, it really brought me back to that time when playfully discovering the love for noise and music & how they both went hand in hand together.

It was the moment that I realized how much I enjoyed listening, discovered how exciting sounds could be & how great it is when noise becomes music and how music becomes noise again. I know that I had written that already, but I can’t underline this enough: It made me & I’m so grateful for Alan Morse Davies to dust my memory so well thanks to his Junk Shop Radio release…

This memory and vibe might be deeply personal, but as this is kinda my place in which thoughts rumble honestly out of my fingertips & Junk Shop Radio by Alan Morse Davies is certainly to blame for my early memory flashback to the time in which I fell in love with sound, I thought ‘I can keep it for myself’ or lay my heart bare and tell the world & promote Alan Morse Davies his work along the way. Why not? I can’t be the only one out there who had been falling in love with music and noise thanks to the radio? The new generation might just listen to Alan Morse Davies’s Junk Shop Radio’ and feel equally inspired!

I don’t know if the artist had a similar experience in the past, one that he is trying to recreate over here, or it is simply Alan Morse Davies enjoying the radio noises, (receiving and giving!) for the first time – but it certainly was an action that was heavily felt in my nostalgic inner self & tremendously spoke to me as a weirdo whose madness for sound had been solidly to blame to being exposed to something similar to what Alan had captured over here.

The circumstances in which Alan Morse Davies had recorded these recordings might have been completely different;

Sounds captured on a pocket recorder while scrolling through a junk shop AM radio in Hong Kong during a power outage caused by raging typhoons.”

…but, boy! Did they give me a therapeutic insight! So I say, thank you Alan Morse Davies and to the rest of you nutters attempting to read this: go and check it out!

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