Xqui – Swarm

artist: Xqui
title: Swarm
keywords: experimental Lancashire
label: Wormhole World

One healthy morning I eagerly took in ‘Swarm’ by Xqui & inmediatly I could feel change, things started happening, odd situations had been swarmed in. Here is my little report:

Being inside a hollow bouncing ball that is lovingly bouncing on a high electric wire. The ears are treated within this environment with the continuous scruffy distorted electrifying repetitive sound of this unusual happening, making you feel a bit like a yo-yo with a mind easily falling in scrambles, deliciously mashed up, unable to make any sense, no coherent sentence or thought can come out – even though the progress and change of it all makes us feel as if we had found a true ‘eureka’ moment somehow, one that our bouncing along movement suddenly seem to have given the answer to all the import questions of life, only to quickly take them away to exchange with a certain forgetfulness by bouncing up and down some more. No plasters are needed as the inside of this bouncing ball is quite the flexible one, but it doesn’t make it less ground and brain breaking!

After this our head is exceptionally pleased by the sound of an asthmatic tooth brushing campaign. You can hear it as if teeth are being brushed, completely scrutinizing every bit of dirt from its surface, but also as if its the sound of a person stuck in a laughter loop while having an asthmatic episode. Slowly but surely these two thoughts are getting combined as they start at the end to fall in a similar bouncing movement – to only confuse us so lovingly even more!

Our head might be all scrambled like an egg by now, but it feels entirely cozy and flimsily fine.Even the exposure of an storm comes across as a cozy duck that quacks in our head from the inside out. In the end of this session catered by Xqui I stumbled upon my reflection in the mirror & notice my eyes twirling around – This ‘Swarm’ must have done something profoundly with me, only I expect the true changes in life to kick in later when the mind gets in solid form again & the eyes are less twitchy. An experiment of experimental music at its best, I reckon.

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