The Horn – Volume Twenty Three

artist: The Horn
title: Volume Twenty Three
keywords: metal ambient black metal egyptian oriental metal psychedelic black metal psychedelic metal space metal Australia

Apparently the following work is a bit of (let’s say) evil sounding hocus Pocus, or at least something that might come across as a collection of spells that are probably not embraced by cute fairies and the new age lot. Not sure what kind of magic it is exactly, but I can tell you that it doesn’t sound like something you like to have laying around when you have your boss around for dinner. Not that such a thing is actually a thing now – or ever, but ‘hey!’ let’s pretend! I guess there is the exception if your boss is some kind of satanic freak, a high grade secret society member who enjoys walking around on high heels while wearing a velvet cape.

You know; the kind of freak who loves demonic creatures running around the dinner table and deeply hobbies around the occult library in its satisfying off-time. Horror and magic rituals preferably with a adorable horny goat around – possible a love for eyes-wide-shut orgies and other behind closed doors elite wizardry.

It does all feels quite dark, displaced, perhaps even a bit as if the spells had given the green light for creepy characters to hop out of a secret portal, letting true slimy freaks now freely roam around as they willingly try to whisper in the ears of anyone nearby. Maybe even opening the door to some freaky freaks that had been called to life just to curse our hopes of a happy fruitful future by replacing it all with the doomed galore of plague-like hell on Earth. How nice of them!

I don’t know (I’m not an expert) , but somehow I believe that this is not magic for the greater good, but something a bit more eerie, slightly terrifying even – creating havoc by unleashing cursed mummies from their resting places, ready to balance all those positive new age witchcraft things out a bit & not at all afraid to torment us ‘goodies’ until we run away like lemmings in a Disney documentary; straight off a cliff.

But look; I’m not afraid! Even if it was Aleister Crowley himself, the master popping his head out of the afterlife for a satisfying sneak peak in corona times… after all, whatever you are initially afraid for – it should be analyzed somehow and if you can’t totally understand it, why not infiltrate and check this creep show from the inside out? Trying to understand what these spells are about, what it is that is so appealing to lovers of this so called darkness that this all seems so intertwined with? What is life like when hanging around with the monsters?

I don’t know or understand any of this, although I did wear a clove of garlic around my neck while listening. It might not help the slightest bit for a collection of spells with possibly bad intentions, but it might keep some scary ‘friends’ away & at least it gave me something to hold onto while being exposed to the occult music that kept my head itching and scratching for answers. Where is Enya when you need here the most? Ah, yes – probably eaten by a demon!


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