Vilaine Dufrene – Variations

artist: Vilaine Dufrene
title: Variations
keywords: pop coldwave darkwave electroclash electronic electropop newwave pop synthpop Paris

A forgotten electro hit collection had been dusting away in our waiting room. It had been making a party among the other waiters, hanging up balloons near it’s seat and even managed to attach a discoball and some fancy flashy lights around it. It danced around there solo, touching it’s own chest like the hottest act in town – so much so that we had to pass it and leave it alone as it was just sooo happily entertaining itself – why would we want to take it out of its joyful element of having a private electro party?

There was no sad face of despair here, just the release dancing in flashy clothes on the chair, throwing crazy moves to elevate the spirit. So much so that it had turned it’s little stay into a massive feast in which bold beats, sexiness & hard bass had become the celebration zone in our normally depressed looking waiting room. Others might have stared at it with slight eyes full of lust, maybe even with a certain jealousy as how can anyone having such a good time all by themselves while waiting for such a long time for some Yeah I Know It Sucks love & recognition?

Who would take this electro head out of its element? Especially when it seemingly throws off its top and sings about hot and sweaty bodies? Rocking out like a juice God that delivers the sensual undertones to go ‘deeper and deeper’ while touching itself in all the provocative European ways. You know it wants nothing less than slip and slide inside our ears like a true french underground club producer that knows how to get the night spin and tumble, even in hardcore day-time.

We doubt that the waiters had any knowledge of the outside world being tormented with a pandemic, but I guess if this music had been out and about – it would have been not as happy go lucky playing in the clubs that it so needs to be played in. But maybe that’s why it is NOW the time to get this sexy and hot friend (who somehow denies it wants to be our friend) to be taken out of the waiting room, unleash the word of its existence to the outside world, so people have some amazing distraction around; turning their homes into electro clash discotheques in which they can imagine their own disco-balls, flashy lights and sexy dancers in all their drugged up galore!

Just close the curtains and flip the light switch repetitively on and off & you will be already nearer to the real thing! It’s hard to let this ‘the light of the party’ go, but than again – there couldn’t be a better time for it than now. Come on, let’s dance, party & feel hot in a non feverish way by letting this electro party animal in:

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