The Pom Pom Girls – WASTED AFFAIR (Director’s Cut)

Artist: The Pom Pom Girls
title: WASTED AFFAIR (Director’s Cut)
keywords: rock hardcore lofi punk punk rock New Paltz
reviewer: the observer of the official YIKIS janitor

The Pom Pom Girls might have just arrived in our request form. But they did not have to wait long for the janitor to come with the dust pan and brush to collect them out of their misery. He had been called in order to check out what the fuzz had been all about, what it was that had been clogging our humble pipe system of music collecting. With a bit of a rough pull he had unclogged the request form. The Janitor was clearly quite content with its job of the day. But still, there was something…

Apparently the Pom Pom Girls did have some kind of fuzzy energy about them that made everything else to over flow… So before the Janitor wanted to throw it in a bin bag, he had some immediate great doubts hanging in the air; Are The Pom Pom Girls eligible to make an appearance on the blog ? And does this made them immune for the janitor’s daily walk towards the skip? You could hear his braincells crumble and decided to not be too hasty!

They certainly seem to be the bunch that enjoys doing what they do. I mean the janitor just had to look down in the dustbin and could clearly see that his latest catch had a lot of fun doing what they do. Still, he was a professional and had ambitions to become one day a biggie in the Yeah I Know It Sucks post department: he wanted to not just look under his nose, but indeed looked beyond that.

So thanks to the janitor being armed with an electric mobile device; A quick youtube search revealed a few of The Pom Pom Girls on the good man’s little modern screen & guess what? There they had been holding no pom pom’s either! A thing that the Janitor had noticed immediately when he got them out of the loop, but was worried that the pom pom’s of this band had been somehow left behind when he had removed them by force from their occupied spot in the request form. The Janitor was starting to become a little confused? No pom poms and as far as he could see no girls either…

On youtube he still wachted The Pom Pom Girls playing a Devo cover & the style and fuzzy energy is clearly matching with The Pom Pom Girls and their release that they had send in to make people their inner ears vibrate & the blog’s draining pipes to overload. The janitor had none of that as he simply wasn’t a music lover, he was just there cleaning and fixing things & sometimes had great joy in overdoing his job a little bit much. No The Pom Pom Girls making the place all messy & definitely no music in his ears to fuzz up the man’s brain.

Indeed, The Janitor, with its nonsensical music-expertise wasn’t so sure what to make of The Pom Pom Girls. Didn’t know if it was good or not. It clearly couldn’t hear the differences between any of the songs. Even the Devo cover on youtube sounded similar to anything on the album through the untrained ears that had been attached to his head. He was getting a little frustrated as he is a man of flesh and blood & name-wise The Pom Pom Girls sounded so appealing, but had been pretty much not giving much thrill for him to create some of his personal Janitor’s juice, that could have been ready to be mopped by himself soon after.

After a while the Janitor with the big future plans didn’t know what to do with The Pom Pom Girls. He couldn’t just put it back for a real reviewer to find it and write about it professionally. The whole floor would probably be flooded again with overflowing requests… He couldn’t throw it away in the bin too; they had simple too much fuzzy fun & who knows ‘they might have been precious to someone else!’. After a while the Janitor decided to set The Pom Pom Girls fuzzily free in the field behind the Yeah I Know It Sucks headquarters, waving them goodbye with his dustbin and brush still in his hands!

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