Artist: The Warhorse
keywords: electronic darksynth hardcore indie punk pop punk post-hardcore post-punk punk skate punk synthpop synthpunk synthwave Los Angeles

I have had no idea what had been going on, as from the start this release was like swallowing a foreign alien spice that once swallowed was going to create a rare sense of unstoppable havoc! The vibe of hairs being pulled out, a bad breath sprayed into your nose and electrifying riffs that are poking your behind with a certain high end pop-slap-war energy; that kind of confusing thing.

To me it was like a manic person who rode violently in on a horse, waving around with a crystal laced glittery sledgehammer through various heart infarct inducing experiences of truly hectic and mashie mushy kinds. It also had that sporty vibe of being in a room full of fanatics that likes to throw balls at each other. A gym teacher that shouts through a megaphone to get everyone in line – practicing skills resembling the posture of a drill sergeant with a strange troublesome anger-management problem.

If you don’t know what that means; you must know that I have no idea either! It’s that kind of music that provides pure flabbergasted faces of overwhelming surprise and idiocy. It’s very high-active, grunting in your face, or raging around with a lot of foam around the lips, while still diving around in material in which sport shoes are required & popular weirdness get cranked out for unexpected uppers that allow space for the great sense of humor that is involved.

It is this kind of thing; absurd, surreal, weird, energetic, booming in the face like a crazy person who might be secretly a genius as well. You can’t throw it in the bin, can’t place it on a shelf either; this is all over the place and at the same time I would not know where to search for more like this… Just like an erection it started to grow and grow with each and every listening session.

At first listen I knew that it was unique, but certainly did not think I was able to survive any of it. But as you can read these words here; I did! When will my medal be delivered? By now it certainly had been coming out of the speakers for at least 10 times at random moment & I still can’t put my finger on any of it… but, I like the full on energy to it.

Each listening session from front to finish made me feel as if I had gone to the gym and burn a whole sack full of calories… I guess if I listen to it ten more times, I’ll be armed with a six-pack!

With all its quickness it keeps instantly speeding from one spasm attack into another; starring itself like some weird villain with super powers that had been character-wise so far from my bed-show that it felt as if this was dealing with a maniac that had come to kick everything I knew away, readily to throw it all some happy go lucky punches, soaking the ears with a beer shower of sheer madness & than moves along into the next brain-explosion and multiple push-ups. Kaboom!

At the beginning it certainly felt all a bit angry, aggressive and absolutely insane to me; shouting in the face like a person who had enough of everything and had now come to the point of breaking free from all values. All norms, rules and moralities thrown on a pile of garbage to never return… This might be coming across as admittedly shocking perhaps, but indeed positively freeing too!

I certainly would like to cheer for that! I mean my eye popped out of my head and my tongue got all twirled and twisted each and every time! But it’s a great wake-up call from any average listening session that had been normally knocking on my door.

Apparently this is the sound and activities of modern day synth punk. How cool is that: it isnt dead & evolved into something hysterical!

it’s also a lot of cuckooness, a case of healthy weirdness with a rock-pop-metal-punk punch all at once: It made me so confused! But it’s all good as this so called Warhorse wishes us all good health at the end and that’s what most needed in this world of today!


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