Umbra Minor – Gimmick Generator

artist: Umbra Minor
title: Gimmick Generator
keywords: bucharest electronic romania experimental electronic noise psychedelic techno Washington
label: Degenerate Trifecta

boom, boom, boom, bang, bang, bang, tick, tick, tick, (metallic background noises) boom, boom, boom, tick, tick, tick – yep: even more banging. Does this sound like industrial techno to you? I mean when I write it down here with words? If it doesn’t, I wonder what else to write to make you think: ah, yes cold heartened techno for the masses. As that’s what this Gimmick Generator seems to have generated. I should pen down the word ‘bass’ and here a sporadic lonely synth-wobble too, but the booms, banging and metallic background noises are the most prominent characters over here.

I guess it’s the kind of music that makes people dance for days. I imagine them being stuck at some kind of festival in Goa thanks to the Covid 19 situation, eyes being all big from living off the MDMA when they had run out of food & had been sick to death of fresh coconut juice from the trees on the festival area. Hours on an end moving around with sticky hairs and ‘uniform’ green clothes to be the intoxicated lot that just wanted to be one with nature by pumping trance inducing boom boom boom tick tick tick bang bang bang bang – metallic background noises – into the area’s air. Birds love it, right?

Nothing wrong with it of course, I mean if the islanders let them do it – why not. I’m sure there are other people out there that will listen to Umbra Minor’s Gimmick Generator too. Maybe even at home in lock-down mode – putting on their backpack costumes and blasting it out through their speakers while pretending that their rooms are the festival area somewhere in the Indian sea. Who knows, they might even pretend to be in some kind of club. It’s all good, whatever rows a person’s boat. Pretty sure the neighbors will love everyone that keeps banging those trance inducing bangs through their walls for hours on end & if not: try to replace it with coughs – I’m sure they wont come knocking on your door & even if they do; you probably won’t even hear it as them banging on the door will probably go delightedly well with the music over here.

Maybe their fists banging on the door will be the solid beats on the final track of Gimmick Generator, which on it’s own is a surprisingly chill out one that had dropped the hardened booms with a more friendlier pace of ambiance. In any case, I think that’s a nice touch as after all the banging, we should all be able to have a little rest in order for you (and everyone else involved) to appreciate the banging again when it’s rewind time!

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