Frood Of The Loop

artist: Frood Of The Loop
keywords: electronic experimental analog improvisation soundscape visuals Stuttgart

Frood Of The Loop wanted us to tell what the music sounds like. This was way back in 2019 and see, now we are all the way in the depth of 2020 and we have still no clear answer. I guess leaving it to sit and grow roots into our waiting room was one option to deal with it, but someone (me) thought NO it is too nice to be rooting away. Speaking of ‘that’ I guess that’s already a way how to describe this music: It is very “Nice”.

From the start Frood Of The Loop calmly waves us a lovely set of trip-ambiance with melodies that are sweet and kind, softly flirting with a candy-like distortion. It feels as if the Frood Of The Loop has pulled out something of a vibraphone to give the nice noise a sweetened glow, lovingly steering the ambiance sounds to a more musical direction.

I can truly understand why Frood Of The Loop doesn’t know what their music is exactly, genre boxes are for OCD meth-heads anyway, but I guess that Frood Of The Loop must be okay if we categorize it in the ‘Nice’ category. As with its soft assembling of nice sounds this relaxed audio undertake has something that should be friendly and listenable to anyone, any age, any taste-group out there. Isn’t that nice?

Next to “nice” I would also say that this music is quite psychedelic, although it’s not in a hurry to space you out or has the intention to twist your brain in a dodgy knot. It’s more the calm bunch that with its underlying pulsating rhythms are clearly fishing its listeners easily into some kind of nice (!) and friendly trance state.

With flubbing synth sounds and guitar drone-tingling mellow melody-vagueness Frood Of The Loop continues to do it’s charming nice and cozy ‘easy listening music for all’ naturalness & all I can see when closing my eyes is a zone of niceness. I expected to see trees, a forest, calm creatures holding hands; but in fact I saw the word “Nice” decorated with flowers, daisy chains, lovely sunlight sparkling the word up & here and there a happy squirrel dancing on the letters of this music’s keyword.

Even if Frood Of The Loop brought a bit of coolness to the mix by visiting Lake Everest, adding some (what sounds like) bamboo-flute to the texture – the scene stayed highly in the nice corners of listening delight. Maybe the vision of the word had now been in the lake, cooling down with sweet umbrellas hovering over it in order to provide it some lukewarm protection from the rays of hardcore-vitamin-D.

So yes, indeed Frood Of The Loop isn’t strange to not know how to describe their own music, even for outsiders dealing with sounds, noise and music on a daily basis it’s quite hard. But whatever Frood Of The Loop offers here on this album that is available on double vinyl (!) it’s always offering very nice listening material, things that will never bore – always feeding you with something you might have overlooked on the first, second, or third listen.

Perhaps half way you might be even way too deep into the music to even properly get your mind to register anything, making your head all loopy and fruity: if this phase is reached I can only say that you are a very lucky person as you know what? You will wade yourself in total ‘niceness’.

Yep, Frood Of The Loop sounds like Abstract niceness being nice to you. Don’t know if Frood Of The Loop found this of any help, but hopefully it helps for nice people like yourself to discover this excellent album of music cause somehow I have a feeling it might have not only be rooting away in our waiting zone, it certainly looks like this niceness has gone a bit under the radar, which is a shame as the world (& you and me) definitely needs NICE!

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