video premiere for the magical: Bloom de Wilde – Do & Be

In a turbulent time of big and unstoppable change, one in which systems of oppression are revealing that they are deemed to fail & solidarity, peace and creativity will win for the greater good; a hard battle is busy destined to create a new world in which elitism will be erased & replaced by equality and justice from the heart. Eyes previously shut are now unstoppable opened, which is great news as we have something amazing to show them!

As you can see and hear above, it is within this hot bed of time that we have the honor to reveal the magical and colorful video for “Do & Be” from Bloom de Wilde’s upcoming “The Heart Shall Be Rewarded By The Universe‘ album. One full of golden light, magical wonders, a massive vibe of love that is being one with each other. A kaleidoscopic adventure that is like an encouraging feast for the eye, ear and soul, so let’s hope they will be all open and receptive too! Behold a color explosion for all your senses!

It comes across as a revealing special dream in which shapes, forms and motions are all in it together, hand in hand in, enchanting happiness and strength, bewilderment in a playful spell of visionary and audio riddles; showing that illusive dreams do come true – you only have to believe in them, going forward to push yourself in order to make them come alive and being true. Do and Be is like a wonder that is at your fingertips!

A thematic spellbinding song and video that is strongly filled with spiritualistic passion, symbols of power and dedication. One of love that comes with a colorful palette of universal goodness, one that seems to bless and encourage all to do what we have to do and be what we needed to be!

Living in the moment, following your instincts, doing what feels right and acting out of goodness and not in greed or tucked away in assigned boxes. It’s revealing the true animist in all its magical shapes, patterns and colorful movements. A blissful happening that will delight all & sprays sparkles that will tickle and inspire your fascination.
0017849911_10Within the video a box of universal opportunities seems to be opened up, revealing a wondrous place full of hidden treasures, knowledge and amazing secrets that are now out there ready to be revealed. You can see them, interacting, slumbering through the fields of Oscar Wilde and poems of J. slauerhoff & all that is in between.

We can follow every step of the revelations as strong characters explore and tumbles down the world of powerful possibilities, Shells of the sea, flowers from a pot of tea… Enjoy a flight of escapism among the all knowing stars while seated on a smiling fish or standing on top of a flying planet: there are no limits! If you do and be; there is nothing that would stop your wildest dreams to come true!

Pre-order the magical trip named  ‘The Heart Shall Be Rewarded by The Universe’ & fuel up on powerful music by an artist, writer, singer, songwriter and video maker (Bloom does everything!) over at the following link:

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