Simon McCorry – The Light Only Blinds

artist: Simon McCorry
title: The Light Only Blinds
keywords: experimental analog dark ambient dread drone experimental noise psych sound design space United Kingdom
label: Herhalen

Simon McCorry comes in my ears like a abstract orgasm that keeps on giving. One that is like a stimulating ray of sound, solid in airy form – taking up the left as well as the right ear in some kind of competitive role play between and among them.

Who is going to get the most attention? the right one? The left one? Its a nice and impressive balancing battle of true stereo-play, while still trying to do its hardest best to look serious along the way. A bit like a porn star who is armed with enough lubrication and ego to play this game without any tracable lack of confidence.

Simon McCorry experiments with its listeners like a true scientist, but it’s not experiment of the scary and twisted kind. More like a bewildered stereophonic cloud-play that eats the ability to hear other things completly. Making listeners bewildered in not knowing where the sounds are coming from, what they are indentifying with and how to deal with them in a respective matter.

But whatever you do, they come for you and both your ears – begging them to be heard on a good pair of working headphones and eat you alive for the best and optimal results. You might not be high or out of your mind before Simon McCorry’s experiments, but hell; when you are wading deeply within them I don’t recommend to crawl behind a steer and do some driving: this music will simply occupy and sedate all your other senses – just so you can fully emerge in the stereo treatment of pure abstractness.

The release by Simon McCorry might be short, but it is severely impressive, absorbing all your thoughts that your mind could possible have & let it tumble in this surreal experimentation in which it’s making your ears feel like they don’t know where to look, almost tricking the mind that it’s not just left and right, but a whole collection of option in between and beyond this aspect.

In fact when Simon McCorry is doing its experiments I feel as if I have ears all over my face; front, sides, top, and even a couple strategically placed under my chin: It’s immersive and impressively fantastic even though there is absolutely no way I could describe any of it! You must hear and play it out loud to experience it!

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