The Neverending Trio – Side 2

artist: The Neverending Trio
title: Side 2
keywords: experimental new york acid jazz ambient avant-garde drone drone jazz electronic ensemble free jazz jazz jazzwave new age new jazz trio Fairfax
label: Ingrown

the enjoyment to listen to Side 2 of the Neverending Trio seems to be endless, or shall we say never ending. Just the beginning in which a certain Kyle had been dying is sounding so amazing that you wishes that Kyle kept on dying forever. That might sound cruel on paper (or on a digital screen) but if you hear the music-version you would completely understand it & probably fully agree that there is nothing better than listening to Kyle Dying. We don’t even know this Kyle (unless its the famous character of South Park) but it is clear that Kyle’s dying process is peacefull and very harmonic. No tears of sadness will be shed, only from beauty, is what I reckon.

After the whole Kyle chapter the Neverending Trio really dives deep into the wonderful process of lovable dreamy show-jazz music. It’s hard to describe, but it is wonderful. You just sit back and be taken away to a lounge-bar in which candles are lid, nice real people are ready to give you a smile and a drink, some nuts to nibble and a friendly service of active music is performed in the corner – filling up the entire establisment like an active interactive dream from the good-old-days that had come to live a life in the now-a-days.

Slowly the alcohol of music is getting towards our head, transforming the establishment into a picturesque cinematic experience in which we, ourselves, are a bipartisan inside a black and white romantic movie. Everything in here is beautiful and lovely, no bad vibes are allowed at any second; leaving us twirl around a glamorous all-star cast with golden hairs and wonderfully generous glances ready to seduce the viewers and us, the uninformed cheap-actors tossed in the middle of the dreamy scenery of a never-ending movie.

To top it all off, this Side 2 gives us also the experience to be inside the same room as Miles on Heroin, or at least giving us the authentic feeling of being there. For fans of Miles, especially in the experimental druggy period – this bit is one that will works like a charm full of wonders. It will make you want to turn and tumble around the room, dancing around like a lose projectile who had semi-lost control but had also its shoes completely covered in genius-vibes. The intoxication of this movement is rolling in so excellently that it will be hard no to feel as if you had lost control. Everything is tumbling around in circles & the entire place of experimental jazz on heroin keeps on spinning. At a certian moment you might feel like you have to walk towards the nearest toilet to throw up – but thanks to the expertise timing of The Neverending Trio ‘this’ never happens, always just in time to change the process to throw you around in a opposite direction.

Conclusion: (if something like that has to be made) The Neverending Trio delivers 3 very different scenes on Side 2, all severely good – intensive – entrapping listeners in what mostly feels like a intoxicated psychedelic happening in which ”you” yourself seems to be the one in the middle of it all. As if you are a ball that the three musicians of The Neverending Trio like and enjoy to play with, kicking you around with pleasure in atmospheric sensations that might be stronger advertisement (or promotion?) not to do heroin & when you are dying; to do “it” beautifully & be a glamorous lover of the charming cinematographic masterpieces. If non of this makes any sense, than so be it. The music totally screwed up my marbles in a pleasant way & it seems to have a very long lasting effect. So tune in, but be aware of the life-altering (you might become a incoherent enthusiastic lunatic) consequences!

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