TOFUJUICE – Are We Not But Cicada Husks Clinging To All We Used To Be?

Title: Are We Not But Cicada Husks Clinging To All We Used To Be?

The cover art is a photograph of a discarded cicada skin on a tree and this delicate track by TOFUJUICE starts out just the same way, crisp, clear and haunting notes on top of a distant drum. We hear the call but we feel fragile, we are suspended somewhere between memory and recognition. It’s as if we don’t feel as brave as the cicada, we are unable to fully let go of what has been, what we have been.

But the world is a whole new place now and as the music gently surges and swells we feel strength entering our bodies, an urge to break away from everything. The drums have faded away and now there is a pulse that vibrates at the back of our necks. We stretch and arch our backs along with the notes, a quiet joy swelling in our throats, the urge to open our mouths, lift our soft palates, and sonically be at one with the music. The feeling is so strong now that we almost feel nauseous, our stomachs trembling and softly lurching.

We can hear the cicadas calling out to us to join them, they want us to flex our muscles and join their chorus… but are we brave enough to let go? This is a subtle track, please crank it up before you listen and don’t let this opportunity slip through your wings!

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