slowfreq – tunnel

artist: slowfreq
title: tunnel
keywords: electronic, lobit
label: 20kbps

Things are going slow over at the YIKIS headquarters, after a heavy move to another building/country and most music requests still packed in boxes we can only dip our ears into something ear-rinsingly-exiting like this brand new release by slowfreq! It hadn’t been packed, but managed to slip straight through! (Might the tiny cover-art be the little secret for its success?) This might sound unfair, but hey ‘that is life!’.

But with the power of this free downloadable release there might be a big chance that we finally manage to get the power to cut open the boxes and hear all what had been send to us. As this music or let’s say glitch-topia of excitement is so ear-rinsingly great that it feels as if we have arrived at a special ear-expert who has been equipped with all the right tools to squirt them clean by projecting them to a proper rinsing process.

Ear wax will have no chance, everything that had been blocking the ear-ways is getting those vibrating treatments that feels like buzzy bumble bees doing some inner doctoring for the greater good. The electric energy that comes along with it feels very different than getting a shot of caffeine, but certainly does feel like an brain opening sensation that will stimulate awareness.

Before we know it, we are treated with beautiful mellow melodies, big beats and superb cuteness in our completely new sounding ears, soaking up the love for music that slowfreq obviously has a patent on. We get a bit of immersive piano drone too, warming up the clean alleyways of the left and the right ears for a true overwhelming godly-feel of impressiveness. It feels like a fine reward after the glitchy deep clean, buzzing our head up with a certain holy smoothness that almost feels like being touched and cared for by the greater gods of goodness themselves. How nice and special!

A little bit of light is coming in half-way with a funky groove to loosen up the shoulders too, featuring a nice bass and some silly da-ba-doo-bi voices before complexly plunging in an all-eating-drone that makes us feel like being at an underwater massage parlor. This part literally makes everyone feel like a relaxed pancake, nicely settling down in ambience of the highest (yet lowest!) kind.

As a reviewer trying to do its best to gain energy to open up the boxes of music-requests again, the last big of massage music makes it difficult to get the energy to rip off the tape and cut through the carton. But a re-listen and a full stop after the glitch process would certainly help to get the energetic vibe going. But sometimes (especially in times like these) it’s also fine to just go with the flow, settle down in the treatment that this doctor, (as slowfreq comes more across as one – than a standard musician/producer) is absolutely the right thing to do. You will feel freshened up and relaxed & that all for free!

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