he11gir1 – gone

artist: he11gir1
title: gone
keywords: dark drone ambient electronic ambient dark ambient drone drone ambient vaporambient vapordrone Portland
label: Girly Girl Musik

‘Gone’ let’s us go through the tiny openings of the floor into a shadowy world behind the matrix. The process to go down and be exposed to this dark suede of sound that had always been with us, but always had been stepped upon – it now simply lays now in front of us as a attraction to wade and wander around in. It’s never been cleaned before, probably collecting dust particles from the upper ground & storing them nicely among the deep cracks to form dense layers of all consuming drone.

Here we are gone – deeply moving around – holding hands with the guiding guide that is he11gir1, who howls like a caring lions heart into this dimly lid hideaway. With these long howls we can find comfort in the shadow world behind the floor-board, appreciate the space that we have never really had been able to visit before – even though we had always making good use of it.

It’s an international thing & now being able to wade around in this sound feels like a humbling sensation,
with cloudy movements in an concealed environment that had been normally hidden from public view – but are now exposed as living emotions that shimmer slowly, slightly affecting once mood for a humbling touch in which a listener might decided to stay & be gone forever in.

I met one of my friends there, slumbering in ‘gone’ like a sleeping dinosaur who had obviously seen and done it all. For a bit I crawled under her long tail – even though it was a bit too dark to be able to indentify it. Together our breaths and heartbeat collided until it was time for me to go back up, out of the cracks that brought me to this surreal state of calm appreciative shadows. I needed some light in order to pen up ‘this’ what you are reading now – while still buzzing kindly with the gentle touch of he11gir’s special music.

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