Thrust Pomp – Failcore

artist: Thrust Pomp
title: Failcore
keywords: experimental progressive speedbass, extreme freestep eleganza, lobit, sub65
label: Sub65

I haven’t been able to update yikis because my head isn’t on it. Whatever it is, it’s somewhere else. But to not disappoint the readers all eagerly coming down here for updates, or at least see some sign that this music loving bog is still alive and not totally devastated by a corona shit show; here is a little hello. I’m here ‘far gone’ scrambling my head even more with the suitable soundtrack of Thrust Pomp’s Failcore. This is the only music corresponding with my scrambled head at the moment, so who knows it might be doing it for you too – somehow.

Music with breaks that go rather cuckoo, as if everything has been smashed in the pan and stirred slightly lightly to hook on to that feel of being excited and confused at the same time. Yep, it’s the only thing I can hear right now – maybe also because I can’t hear multiple things at once right now… Oh and those old school housy-vibes here and there – and that LOBIT sound – making me feel like listening to a cure for home-sickness.

I like to take things personally down here and I guess that’s what makes yikis so pleasurable (if you need a bucket to puke in – find one yourself!) but yeah let’s mumble a bit more about the situation, why the silence? Admittedly I solidly wish to continue this madness but indeed the world is in such a turmoil; climate change, pandemics, the age old story of blatant racism. Personally I had enough of all the bullshit, let everyone be, treat everyone equal and make sure you don’t poison your world and surroundings. Respect one and other and goddamnit don’t be greedy, share and be kind to your fellow friends of nature and human beings. What’s wrong with society? I blame listening to Thrust Pomp’s Failcore on repeat for sounding so holy and above it. Even the abrupt ending of it all, is a sign of nothing being perfect & that failure has to be endured again – until we eventually learn our lesson to be able to move on to some happy place of peacefulness. It feels like a long way to go, with so many assholes running the shit-show.
& yes. I have been failing to keep sober at this moment so you can trust me that I write in honesty and trustworthy from my heart. I love you all, minus the leeches, parasites and all other toxic bungholes. All though I can clearly see that Thrust Pomp’s Failcore covers and pleases even them – it simply does not discriminate who to listen to it. Whoever needs the never-failing mini break – you can trust on Thrust Pomp’s Failcore.

For your reference, I’m sitting in the middle of an not so touristy side of Amsterdam, next to the Failcore I’m also half listening to hanging teens,  happy ducks quacking in the canal and some lost seagulls here and there. For the extra bonus backdrop sounds, I really recommend this place – it’s a place that never seems to sleep, one in which the booze always brews, the marijuana gets lighted at every corner and boats, bikes and scooters and talkative pedestrians are always active to provide a backdrop ful losers. Not that I say – move here to complete the failcore listening experience, i’m just more blabbing away to make this write up more bigger and worthwhile. It’s been so long, I feel that if I don’t write anything now – I might have to relearn where all the keys on the keyboard are. I will start to type things like ifos isfois eufsoi okpe siof esoi. It would still be a suitable review for Thrust Pomp’s Failcore, but kindly unreadable.

I’ve never had a place that I’ve thought of a home, but with Amsterdam I do have a special relationship. I always have done this crazy thing of kissing the floor here (even in Corona-times); humbling myself that here my roots have been rooted, I don’t even know why as even though my parents are from here – they had been going around the entire country like circus artists – pooping me out somewhere quite far away from this all. Still I love this place, maybe it’s because I went to school here, maybe it’s because a past life or maybe just because slight insanity is saying that this is the place to be. At least now it is, as with me Failcore pumping out over the canals – it feels like the entire universe is in sync.

It’s full of bikes, playgrounds, terraces & super friendly people and now the additional vibes of failcore by Thrust Pomp.  I don’t know if it’s me or really reality and how things are, but I think it’s a nice place to hear this stuff in. I should talk indeed more about the breakbeat failcore music but I guess slowly (after a while) the breaks have all dried up, leaving only the listening-surroundings and their sounds to grow upon me. It is in this situation that I wonder, is this ‘write-up’ or review a failure? A bad situation of self-aware Gonzo-core? Whatever it is, I’m going to publish it and hope that there will be more updates following & if they fail to mention any music – it is still the thought that counts! YIKIS is still alive and so is the ability to fail! Thanks Thrust Pomp, you have been marvelously pumping life back in to the suckiness!

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