Cat Temper – Curiosity Thrilled The Cat

Artist: Cat Temper
title: Curiosity Thrilled The Cat
keywords: electronic dark synth darksynth electro electropunk meowave meowwave synthesizers synthpunk synths synthwave Boston

Cat Temper got a temper again, probably out terrorizing the neighborhood searching for little left-over cat-nips from the well to do housecats. The hairs are all woozy and fluffy, the tail is up and the paws are grabbing around like a child being exposed to a wolverine character. In its journey Cat Temper shows it’s blinking teeth, has no problem jumping up and down as if in an old-style super Mario game; no challenge for this cat is too high!

With elegant steps of fulfilling fiercement Cat Temper balances on the thinnest pieces of fences, manages to sneak from one balcony to the other while staring all other cats out of the way. This time our feline friend is seemingly in a war-modus; a mission to grab that fish before someone else eats it, ready to have beef with everyone who finds it in its way.

Baby birds protect yourself, cute little doggies embrace yourself & all other cats just moonwalk yourself out of the way – Cat Temper is not in the mood to play and share, it had been eaten rubbish for way too long, it now has itself fully loaded on the rough side and has enough electricity running through its cat’s veins to get what it wants and be the terror-cat everyone will talk about. Some punks and electro-heads might nod their heads in admiration when it steps by like a tiger with a plan, obviously full envy and approval of such bad-ass cattitude! They might want to call the pet-control in sheer panic!

But do not worry, Cat Temper might be moody and on the edge, it’s still a cat. You got to admire its freedom, its ways how to rock its own world, balancing through life like a Gary Numan driving its car: this meowing-synth loving rocker is unstoppable, you can feel its piercing cat-eyes are in full focus: this streetwise hairball spewing former friend is not in the mood to be stroked, cuddled and touched but still will gladly accept if you toss it some edibles, leave purposely something to destroy for it at your doorstep & if you DO have some catnip; please, do somehow smuggle it on Cat Temper’s path – the whole neighborhood will enjoy Cat Temper rolling around in all its wild moves.

Do not hesitate to get your own curiosity answered by checking out the bad ass version of Cat Temper over at the following link. (you might get that power-full ‘I get what I want’ cat-vibe too – which is very infectious and to be frank in times of survival – super handy!:

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