Grimalkin Records on Becoming More Inclusive

Gr statement release 2020

Grimalkin Records has released a statement that we’d like to share with you all, our dear readers. The title is ‘Becoming more inclusive: Advice for White people involved in DIY music (esp. White-run labels)’ and we know that it is also up to the people listening to and sharing music to take steps too. There is a cornucopia of creatives out there to nourish your soul with, no need to stick to an exclusive diet of boiled potatoes nestled on a bed of wilted silverbeet! We at YIKIS are great fans of the music released by Grimalkin (there is a list of links to our reviews at the end of this article), and the inclusive, supportive, loving family that it is.

Also, please check out the Grimalkin Sampler that was released on June 5th and as the tapes sold out that day there will be a second run on July 3rd.
On the same day the a new compilation of upcoming and newly released songs by Grimalkin artists and friends, watch this brilliant teaser video made by Pedroso & Pedrosa (who are on the comp):

But first, please read this and think about what you can do as a music-lover, to bring about change:

Gr Statement 1

Gr Statement 2

Gr Statement 3

Gr Statement 4
Gr Statement 5
Thank you! If you ever need to read this again, or grab the graphics to share, please do! That’s what we are here for!
If you have the time to do a bit more reading (and listening to the music) here are all of the reviews we have written so far on the fabulous stable of Grimalkin artists:

“Finally, half way in the middle it’s time to meet the real body of the Hunting Dog. One that with a refined audio touch feels like stroking a fine skin that is hairy and spiked , yet at the same time being overly smooth as well.”

“Woven In doesn’t shy away from the truth, or just allude to things – she won’t let you hide your eyes or ears and pretend you can’t see or hear something.”

“We are completely under her spell and hang on to every word, we hear the pain and the struggle and the anger and the strength that it takes to fight back. She has a searing way with words, twisting and turning them into wholly new visual pictures inside our brains.”

“A true anthem that should not be jumped over but actually jumped on by the radio people and spread it all out over the airwaves”

“There is a rustle as ‘Tenderhead Tenderheart’ starts and now a sweet pulsing and the beautiful voice of Sylken Somers drifts into my blissed-out world. There is a pause, a rustle (or is it the trickle of water?) and I feel as if I could wait forever for the song to start again.”

“We start dancing and feel that this music does indeed come ‘~out of heaven~’. kate can wait’s voice is so full of richness that we can only just bear being it the presence of it.”

“A thing many music lovers here on earth will probably be blown away by as they never thought about that before; but to me, it’s just the incredible way Dani Lee Pearce is performing over here; cracking up my voice and giving me chicken skin all over: it’s so real and brave, beautiful, intelligent and outrageously courageously smart.”

“There is a bittersweet feeling in our hearts and the tears start to build, the nostrils flare and the sinuses awaken as we try to hold it in. If you spend any amount of time listening to their releases this will become a familiar (and highly recommended!) experience.”

“The music is extremely cool, full of banging thrills, hard kicks and synthesiser galore that shows any normal day punk band with their two accords and distortion pedals linked to guitars straight towards the nearest exit: this is the real deal!”

“a beautiful thing that brings artists, labels and music admirers together as it had survived the time to come back at us from 1989 all the way in 2020 in its original and newly coated form! ”

“The final track is ‘Handcuffs’ but they’re the type that you want to put on yourself, no on is putting them on you! “Don’t want to wake up” is just how we all feel – Don’t do it Neil could also be known as Don’t ever stop, Neil!”

“It’s a rambling messy place that feels like the ideal location to cook up new ideas, gain inspiration and sustain a good flow of ideas.”

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