Various Artists – kitchen

artist: Various Artists
title: kitchen
keywords: experimental, Perth
label: Dog Park

Oh, hello! Nice to see you here! You probably came here because you followed the smell, right?
I don’t mean our usual unwashed stench of cheese and onion armpits, but the odour of delicious pancakes, right?I mean why else would anyone, in this crucial time in space, visits our humble blog?

But I certainly don’t blame you for pointing your nose into this post, I mean the perfume du pancakes have been all around this place for weeks now…It’s not even really coming from our very own kitchen, so you can imagine how strong this smell must be! It’s been flying over since a long time, all the way from Australia – tingling our nose holes with a delight that even the legendary Dutch pancakes cannot find a beatable match in.

Now you might think, why do you smell pancakes at a blog? Well, yes we can assure you that noses can be twisted things, as well as the links and digital skills of the cuckoo internet. In other words, I cant explain it either. Other than that these pancakes must have been baked with love and (lets be honest) also a little bit of dog-love. Because if you sniff carefully, you can be assured that there is some doggy smell in there too. Probably that is part of the magic that makes the smell so world-wide penetrating.

Now I’m in the right position to unravel this mystery, by letting you know that the original pancake perfume is even better than over here. After all, typed letters of absurd non information has a little bit of a newspaper-stench to it. But with glad delight, I happily send you over to the kitchen of Trevor and Furchick where all these fine original pancakes are being baked. The dogginess comes from Trevor, as apparently Trevor is a cute little doggie. And the furry chickeeness comes ofcourse from mega pancake professionalism formidable Furchick, who managed to peck, pock and stir, throw them in the air and even catches them like a moon in a pan! It’s pretty formidable!

The duo’s pancake session certainly haven’t gone down unnoticed as a whole global army of peace-loving sniffers have poked their noses in, grabbing their hands into those original kitchen-pieces-of-pancake-process-arts and taken them into their own shapes, sizes, forms and personalities. The result is a very amazing collection of diversity. It’s not just some people spreading different sauces on them, different spices layered on top, bits of culture added to the mix: no, it’s like a pancake-kitchen-of-the-world-audio-trip that will make your mouth all watery, let your cat-ears stand up and your doggy friends all look twisted as their mouths drool from being so irresistible.

That is the explanation to why you are here, on this blog – surrounded in a cloud of worldwide pancake and dogginess. As Trevor and Furchick doing their thing in the kitchen is certainly one thing worthy of your attention, but with the likes of Charlie Kramer (who shakes it all up like a super smoothie – for a boost of favorable flavor) Dental Drill (who rhythmically adds some delicious comedy to the pancake kitchen sensation, {AN} EeL (who lays its ears deep in the pan to bake the pancakes off with a deep low laying bark and a deep stir-fry sensation), Osvaldo Cibils (who is focusing on Tormenting Trevor in the kitchen-process – which almost makes you feel sorry for the sweet music-pancake-loving doggy), Samarobryn (who adds the holy ghost to the pancake pastry, drilling the kitchen smells into one that feels severely intoxicating and trippy – to such a point that you’d almost forget that you are listening and smelling pancakes & rather believe that you just munched upon some magic truffels)….

Or Čopor (who add some really nice acoustic charm to the whiff of kitchen magic), Bilg (who goes for the lovely crust of the end product, really letting the burning do its process to make it all a bit more crispy and crunchy & might we say: into a extra yummy kitchen adventure?) PPFPESSCo (who serves the entire thing in such a way that we as smelling listeners have a good reason to follow the advice that has been given to Trevor in most of these international cooking hits – we shut up and enjoy the aroma of whisking and baking!) or Shaun Robert and Furchick who adds some extra psychedelic fireworks to the show – making a delicate topping to make us all feel fool of sweet delicatessen in sound-form. Everything is so delicious, so gloriously rich and irresistible fragrance that you would be nuts to have a blocked nose & puss ears. But I’m pretty sure that everyone who is here, reading this till so far is healthy and unblocked from all these things! So please, if your senses have made you come over here, do follow down the link to the real thing: it’s superbly delicious!! 

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