Logosamphia – Sexist Oriental Astrology Seminar

artist: Logosamphia
title: Sexist Oriental Astrology Seminar
keywords: experimental ambient analog arabic breakcore chipcore circuit bending electroacoustic experimental neopolka netherlands oriental rotterdam spiritual synthesizer Rotterdam

With our eyes wide shut we are all easily led into a colorful room, one decorated with life-size kiwis and all other kinds of tasty looking fruit. An equal amount are resembling juicy points of entree, others are looking rather phallic Your choice is crucial, as whatever rows your boat – or you fancy – this secret place of fun has got everything.

Before you know it, the eyes open up and you can find yourself licking a grape, bum-dangling around a giant melon, sniffing up fun melodies as if you’d been a freed harem-girl-boy in fruit paradise. Around you are more secretive enjoyers of fresh vitamins and digital fun. It becomes clear that everyone is dressed up as their favorite masculine or feminine fruit – or lower region body parts.hmm, super yummy!

Trust me, It’s indeed quite something; dancing pussies, wiggling bananas and courgettes – all freaking out on a delicate mix of pleasure, performed by the mega kiwi personality who stands proudly in the middle, playing around like a one-man-band / real life positive guru – who doesn’t act out of secret handshakes full greed, but instead fills the rooms up with a rather happy delight full of melodic mysterious love that will bring the fruits of life together in mystique harmony. Pure pleasure seekers are here at the right place!

Here you can explore your beloved sins, your sensual lusts of making out with a mandarin, melon, or a blood orange. Chomp and munch away in a arousing horny session of cucumber slumber, raw carrot, or peeled banana-delight. In these circumstances the kiwi-guru provides the blissful sexy tones that will set the mood for a green light to feast in an at ease way. What happens here in the Sexist Oriental Astrology Seminar stays in the Sexist Oriental Astrology seminar.

You can let yourself completely go, enjoying the musical-juices, shimmering and shivering as you slip and slide in a ginormous fruit salad, bathe in a bath of grapes while holding hands with someone dressed as your favorite vitamin-c provider. Sometimes you just need to go behind the doors of normality, take a look behind the curtains and plug yourself into these secret doors of quality eroticism. Sink in your own juices and don’t be afraid to make love to a (if there is consent!) delicious looking broccoli.

The kiwi-guru supplying the delightful body-fruit ratio of music for a hot and voluptuous mellow steamy sensation. Nowhere else you’d be dancing so passionately with a passion-fruit, nowhere else you’d be dancing the salsa with your legs surrounded by a melodic salad. Male, Female, Non-gendered – all together in one mingling harmonic sensuous journey in which the kiwi-guru ‘Logosamphia’ explores through true music all of your libidinous fruitfulness.

From pro-active electrified party dancing, to slipping a hand towards a nice shiny looking hot pepper. You can snuggle up or buckle up, but you’d be sure that you will have a great music-time in this secret – superbly pleasing ear-party on the magical carpet-side that is his home on the internet! Come on in as everything is wonderful fruity in this superbly pleasing seminar! yum, yum, yum!!

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