EJK & GVM – Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Summer Mix]

artists: EJK & GVM
title: Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Summer Mix]
keywords:  acoustic experimental ambient blues classical collage electronic instrumental triphop New Orleans

After an evening and day of naughtiness (sorry no updates for you!) it’s always good to defeat the possibility of a hangover with some quality music. Luckily, on my doorstep there was a little cute package in a hipster format. It’s the real thing nowadays – a digital single – but still, it’s something that will surprise time-traveling people who come here from the golden olden days. Digital, wtf?

This lovely single is presented as a collaboration by EJK & GVM, which indeed sounds like a futuristic formula. A bit like e=mc2 hooray! With a tiny bit of research it’s possible to find out that EJK stands for the legendary producer elizabeth joan kelly & GVM for geiger von müller: both names that will ring many bells to people with a good music taste. In fact their whole arsenal of bells might ring so loudly that they probably buy this single without even knowing how it sounds like! It’s good to have such an unbeatable positive reputation, right?

As some singles do, this one apparently also comes with a video. So when I woke up with a head full of partiness still in my head from the other day – I was well happy with all these goodies in front of my door. But as I’m a sharer and not a keeper, I would be delighted to also pass this happening of joy to you – the precious reader. You have been so great and wonderful, you truly deserve to hear and see this single too!

With a quick look we can find that the name of it all is ‘Blue Moon Frequency #2b (summer mix) is a remix by Elizabeth from an original Geiger track, which means that even if it rains today – we probably can expect sunshine-vibes when hitting that play button as hard as a rock.

…And so I did just that. As of course you came here to read about this 2:20 minute bit of entertainment, rather than just ‘hopla’ hear it without professional opinion from the humble blog-person. I played it way too loud – almost to the point that I thought that my soupy brains would run out of my nose-holes (as the ears had been impossible escape-caves with music going in at this volume), but a quick action of volume-regulation saved the experience and turned it into a much more pleasurable and reasonable happening.

It felt indeed sunny, a bit like sitting on a roof terrace, being slightly burned in the sun, being over and done before you really have been able to find and squeeze and spread the helpful sun lotion on. There is the rhythm,  which feels like we are listening to a garden shed full of tools in which a DIY hero is busily building its own garden furniture. There is the electric bass, so nice and thick that you can imagine wanting to sit on one of these freshly built chairs without ever standing up. Next to that we have that sun-providing sound of someone stroking a few guitar strings – which is always the right recipe to go for when in need for a certain warmth-holiday feel and vibe.So yeah, as your professional blog-idiot I can assure you that this modern single is not an annoying ear-worm, but just a lovely moment of sun-bathing in music form. Just be sure you got the volume levels right & you would probably be alright and delighted with this single.

The video (as seen above) of this collaboration is also something to look into. At first (with my brain still running low on previous party vibes) I thought it was a still picture, but till my biggest surprise things started to move. If you look and stare at it you might view some kind of air-balloon, some bum-buildings and a tampon-shape all happily forming a landscape of industrialism. Together they become one when the balloon comes down and inflates it’s phallic shape and becomes a lovely horizon for it all. Indeed, a totally unsuspecting visualization of the music – but that’s what you get with big names like EJK & GWM & ofcource Paal V working together: unexpectedness! Which is always a thrill to indulge in, I reckon.

Indeed after all this there was no hangover here, but a smiley face and for sure a whole lot of textual nonsense typed up to prove that the writers-block can also be unblocked by a audio / visual surprise from a little bit over 2 minutes! I’m glad to be able to share it with you and hope it will do you good too! Enjoy!

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