fishpaste – lets catch some fish and put them in our mouths

title:lets catch some fish and put them in our mouths
keywords: electronic experimental sequencer & midi hypnagogic midi videogame Atlanta

Positive strange vibes of happiness can be the ideal saviours of our times, so it’s great to know that there are great fishermen and fisherladies out there fishing for such good vibes. Our own Graham Boosey had fished up some fishpaste on the massive lake that is Bandcamp & it’s been good times ever since it had been spreading around and dancing into our ears.

Sheeps dance, cars are honking energetically as this fishpaste is delivering melodic joy, friendliness and smiles all around. Cheap steel drums, gamey pan flutes and low-laying lazy drums are bringing the beats! What’s not to love?

To keep it for ourselves would be ultimately selfish (not to be confused with a shellfish!) , so here is the fished up fishpaste for you to be happy and smiley with too! It’s like going into a pixelated happy jolliness of a lowbit world in which the funk has been kept alive, happiness is the brewing middle center of it all and fishes are happily singing as they are pulled out by an odd looking bouncy character full of energetic friendly lunacy.

This figure might even fall in the pond – but never gets angry – always laughing, singing, playing! Check out these good vibes – they are certainly not fishy at all! & will do you good!!

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1 Response to fishpaste – lets catch some fish and put them in our mouths

  1. love fishpaste music. this is the first review i found in the internet abyss. cheers.

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