Slow Wave Sleep – Elogio della follia

artist: Slow Wave Sleep
title: Elogio della follia
keywords: art song, chiptune, italian
label: 20kbps

There is a concept behind almost everything, luckily we are naughty enough to ignore them for most of it and just listen with our ears to whatever had rolled out of these things. In this case its a tear-jerker full of emotional vibes and tremendous love – all captured, cultivated and delivered in chip-tune form. It is taking us on a journey, one in which we are packed in with those lovely bleepy beepy sounds, taking on a composition that feels like a story in which we could ride a pixelated animal in order to hop along towards the goal to save a prince or princess from a tower-kind-of-situation. With true passion it feels as if we must be with this person – no matter what – maybe for goals to achieve a next level, maybe because we are addicted to a person we don’t even know – marriage papers already burning hot in our back pockets!

Slow Wave Sleep brings this production in two parts & the one in which there are vocals is strong enough to blow your mind. This is the moment that the whole floor can be opened to suck us away in its delirious awesomeness. The voice is as emotionally loaded to feel as beloved as those crucial game sounds that everyone so loves. Your eyeballs will be having the shapes of hearts – your heart itself bangs for no other than this tune itself. Lyrics are provided (also the english translation) which easily seem to reveal a great work of great poetic art and lyricism. Think of the madness of love, driving a person so over the edge that it can’t think about anything else – the sky is the limit – a obsession to get that person that they have to have & all failure will lead to upward depression!

All in all, this release on 20kbps is something else, very emotionally laden – overhauled with passionate craziness full of beep beep melodies and possessive obsession! If Mario could have heard this song, you knew it would play out its own game in one single go! This is not just some random act of chiptune love ballad – it’s that pushing vibe of love that takes over the person’s mind. Executed wonderfully!


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