Various Artists – Grimalkin & Friends

artists: various
title: Grimalkin & Friends
keywords: lo-fi diy experimental grimalkin & friends bedroom pop compilation folk witch house Richmond
label: Grimalkin Records

I hope to make any sense, but I really loved hearing and feeling this brand new release of true individualism working together as one, on Grimalkin Records. I might not have found the right words for all of them, but really felt blown away by all these amazing tunes and their true personas that shine deeply within them. Here is my little attempt to describe them a little bit… but best thing to do is just go down towards the label and hear / get this release into your ears as quick as possible! You will see that you will wish to be friends with Grimalkin and all the friends!

Don’t do it, Neil – Miss Me

How could you miss out on Grimalkin & friends? I mean, it’s like that telephone ring sound that keeps on ringing until you pickup. Coincidentally that is also something that makes me think of the very first tune on the compilation that Grimalkin and those friends have released together in collaboration. It’s a track by Don’t do it, Neil, which makes you fall in love with your telephone ringtone and see it with complete different ears and eyes again: one off coolness and blitz and not some kind of cheap ass-drug-dealer phone buzz that can be tossed in the bin after a done deal. In fact if this tune was your ringtone – you never would pick up your phone, just so you could enjoy the music.

Berko Lover – Quintessential

Oh and when you eventually do go to the next tune, you won’t regret it to hear it on repeat at all too. It’s the essential bit of music that would be a summer hit even if it had been winter. With its big sexed up beats, superb swing and hotness that turns it into the essential piece of music to highlight your collection of bangers. With a bass and Berko Lover singing like a pussy popping queen is probably the coolest thing you will hear all day.

Elizabeth Owens – Patience

But the epic quality keeps on giving over here, as Elizabeth Owens fills up the space with tremendous powers, taking epic piano vibes towards the future. This artist uses the bigness of technique to sound ultra modern, spices everything up in ultra combination with vocals and certain funkiness that certainly makes any grounded person fly as high as a kite! You better believe it when you find yourself among the clouds while listening to this uplifting piece of positivity.

kate can wait – May 15th, 2018 at Approximately Midnight

this compilation is one full of goodies, smartly done and well directed – a delicious delicatessen for the ears. kate can wait fits like a juicy cherry in a cherrie cake – with honest sincerity, super warm vocals in which you feel as if you are close friends with the performing artist – having a camping moment of intimate honesty.

Phantómódel – Cold Shoulder

It’s amazing how smooth kate can wait’s music rolls into another friend’s sounds. This is Phantómódel, who delivers a eccentric super laidback punkish form of identification out there, swinging like the owner of the world, not taking shit from anyone, being the essential self, a true character that stands like a happy middle finger among colorful peacocks. There is something truly addictive to ‘Cold Shoulder’, it’s like listening to a love child of the slits and nina hagen – and yet so very own – it’s making me happy and wanting to hit the repeat button so hard – it almost cracks!

persephone – Ending 3 (edit)

When the moment comes that the repeat button does eventually crack – it’s good to know that there is persephone popping up with a audio cake of experimentalism that feels ultra vague and yet absolutely grabable. With a clear pulsating tight kick and a whole assortment of warm voice soup that forms a rainbow palette of audio colors. It made me feel like listening to a warrior group of the future in the middle of a stylish ritual.

Ishtar Sr. – Death, The Sad Gorl

Grimalkin and friends are probably the coolest people on the globe (and beyond?). Ishtar Sr is certainly one of the biggies over here, spitting out words as a goddess who met Death itself and had no fear at all to call it out! It feels like looking up the great big sky and seeing Ishtar Sr. performing highly up there, fighting battles that we can be inspired by!

Pedroso & Pedrosa – Maus Lençóis (redux)

Things get more tropical and sunny with a collaboration between Pedroso & Pedrosa – which has been delivering the ultra mixture of electronica and non-electronica – making us feel like enduring the campfire song of a fruitful coziness with minstrel flutes, people having a friendly party in which can be sang along – and a steady beat. It’s clearly full of love and makes you want to be there – wherever Pedroso & Pedrosa are!

Infinite Bliss – For A Silent Fog

It might be that Pedroso & Pedrosa have been providing the camp-fire music, it’s definitely Infinite Bliss who provides the fire and the flames over here. A destined sound of heavy metallic guitar, doomed and burning with spewing piping hotness that feels angry and yet cold enough to not burn yourself on. In the end it’s turning the wood to become a warm protest song – the sound nobody should screw around with!

Queen Razor Moon – Alone Together

In similar hotness Queen Razor Moon takes over in the kindest way, tiptoeing over the hot coal to perform a selfless song of reason, which is heavy and emotional – deeply coming across as personal as music could be.

Thaumiel Sonozaki – Agape

To calm down and relax from all the hotness, a Grimalkin friend named Thaumiel Sonozaki has the perfect music remedy – wonderful lush calming meditative tones that seem to feel like they have the skill to evaporate the concept of time. They come with birds and nature – so you can all feel like the music is giving fresh oxygen to all its listeners. A meditative moment that feels equally epic as a walk in the woods to get your head sorted into a calmer state.

Quinton Barnes – Once It All Hits

I already knew the sound of Quinton Barnes and seem to love every bit of it, so ‘Once it all hits’ hits the middle point of this compilation it felt like a jubilant moment of jubilation. With funkiness, rhythmic delight – groovy sexiness – the ultimate voice to take anyone away to lala-land! Super hot!

Hunting Dog – Mirrorshades

And than the party really kicks off with Hunting Dog, blasting out an experimental techno punk sound that gets the whole house grooving, bouncing and wobbling like there is no tomorrow. A train of a beat – the turbelent high-hats and a whole assortment of chopped up coolness and here and there the perfect acid insertations is a rightful ticket to dance-bliss.

Backxwash – Black Sheep

Oh yes, and the party continues with Backxwash who bounces around like a untouchable ninja, sipping vodka and smoke while rapping like a well seasoned life ensurer. Jumping over life situations like a rabbit with an armor on, really flexing out its powerful vibes that feels very much like an example to live by!

Billy Capricorn – Desert Location (feat. Cardinality)

Billy Capricorn is putting the words out like a wild caged animal ready to pull the bars aside for a grand escape. Cardinality is like the sweet butter on the side, lubricating the ears to the right smoothness so this escape would go smoothly and painless. The music calms down from the wild lion, into a carefully bendy lioness.

Spartan Jet-Plex – Dreambreak

For a welcoming moment in which we can embrace and befriend our own thoughts again, we have label owner Spartan Jet-Plex starring in the middle of it all. Delivering a mostly acoustic ballad in which the shivers in the back of the neck are a welcoming sign of truthiness. This artist is as real as it can be, with a strong but very human vocal performance aligned with guitar in which we can all feel delightfully hooked on.

The Doll – Jing

Our fascination really starts to dingle and twinkle wherever The Doll pops up, here we are treated with a intense closeness in which it feels as if our artist is taking us into the back of the throat, down the circular alleyway down the temple of her own inside body. It’s pretty intense and special.

Dani Lee Pearce – Vomit Waterfall

To spice up the Grimalkin friendly society, Dani Lee Pearce brings the happy good smiley vibes, flamboyant and all delightedly cuckoo, jokingly and full self-spot with a good pleasant humorist attitude this humongous personality is the joyous shining point over here.. With lyrics that are hilarious, a vomit waterfall of words – slightly naughty (i can’t place certain aspects here – cause of our family friendliness) but damn, this is happiness personified!

SuperKnova – LSD Heartbreak

Things have been absolutely top notch within this great bunch of music talents. SuperKnova is no exception of this phenomena. With ease the provided “LSD Heartbreak” sprinkles some friendly funk disco sensuality over here, with a super voice and lush sounds shaped in melodies that feel warm and cool at the same time – a medium temperature in order for everyone to be able to step right in and feel as if they just fell through the door at a nice brewing party.

Woven In – Hotel Room

Eccentricity and character is a high trade for great individuality, a sign of freedom that Woven In is easily a big example off. With a raw sound and a melodic happening that feels as if it is performed on a toy casio of some sort is coming across as adorable and brave. It doesn’t need to cost lots to be a dance diva star among great other artists!

Grandma – Is It Easy

the moment when Grandma steps in with the good warm vibes, everything becomes safe and sweet. Grandma will offers us a musical safe space to feel okay in, nicely tucked away in a zone in which we can feel at ease and protected. With a modern electric blanket of beat and mellowness Grandma shows us that it is okay to not find it easy, while being in absolute safe hands.You can hear that this is a moment in which you can truly feel trusted and understood. The music of a kind human willing to shelter you never sounded so compellingly welcome as now.

Sylken Somers -Yellowbelly

Hold your horses if you’d thought that the end of spending time with Grimalkin and friends is near, as there is Sylken Somers setting another banger at the edge of this compilation. One in which emotion, pop and power are all combined – providing a flattering punch to the ears to strengthen and recharge yourself with. Positivity is shining here as strong like a bulging love that cant be contained any longer!

MELVL – Cut (Maim)

For the whole holy blessing of spiritual amazement we can hang out with MELVL who unleashes a loud screeching fearlessness, the kind that slowly turns into a miraculous angelic moment in which it feels as if a group of wild looking birds are picking us up for a loud flight through the sky.

Tavishi – White Phantom (edit)

Last but not least, Tavishi gasses up the entire ability to hear with a balloon-like ear-adventure in which pretty sounds, memories and ghostly phantoms are dancing in the twilight. It feels like a grand ending in which we can gladly agree that this Grimalkin and friends had created an epic compilation and that all of them had been a severely welcoming group of amazing individuals, different, unique, yet together strong as one!


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