shamane – cry5tal 1it3

artist: shamane
title: cry5tal 1it3
keywords: ambient ambient rap drone experimental hip hop idm love new age rap slushwave
label: Virtual Dream Plaza

It’s been a while since there was activity on yikis, but hey we got our excuses: we got our arms stuck to a cocktail of nonstop booze supply & have our noses fiercely stuck in the turbulent happenings of real life.

Still, excuses of goodness or not, it’s always good to pick up writers-shoulders and attempt to inform you with some good music. Or music, that isn’t really that good, or simply something that is beyond music and can’t be really classified as such…

I don’t know in which of these three categories the virtual dream sounds of shamane is falling in, but probably hovering around them like a bird of prey that doesn’t want to land on any of them at all.

WIth tons of tracks on one album that sounds all rather different, you can easily think that you might have the honor to listen to multiple ideas parading by as one. They do have one thing nicely incommon: they are very colorful and filled with strangeness that is kind and yet unexplainable.

Pretty sounds, rhythms and dreaminess intertwined with rolled up and rolled off speedy voices that can be heard, yet not be understood: it creates something that makes me think of dreamy mice that are happily drowning within a party in their own head: which is pretty special, right?

23 tracks of this absurdity vibe is a done package to change and transform your atmosphere of normality into something bizarre and surreal. It has that thing of feeling in the air, heavily intoxicated (or is that the self infusion of our own hobby speaking?), floating through mouse-dreams from all kinds of cultures and characters.

It’s very hard to place in a corner, or to fill a mouse trap with.But I can assure you that there is lots of gold over here, like sounds in which these strange worldless voices are having moments of pure intimacy with each other, to the point that it could give a lister red cheeks and a slight uncomfortable feeling of playing it too loud – thinking that the neighbors might believe that you are actually watching some kind of delusional mouse-porn.

But if that is a bad thing might be up to you, as extroverts and people who want to come across a little bit more special than the average neighbor – this might be the kind of album to play as loud as possible. Playing it out of the open standing window in order for the whole neighborhood to feel strangely puzzled about. It is a good thing as at least you wont be the only one feeling ‘that’ way.

Still, all strangeness aside, this music is pretty nice in creating its very own micro-universe, something that you won’t come across every day – without being completly out of it yourself – so please, do check it out and step into this surreal virtual dream with ease:


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