Manipulant – Voodoo Queen

artist: Manipulant
title: Voodoo Queen
keywords: electronic avant-garde indie Lancaster

Manipulant comes in with a skirt and a smoking pipe – so hot, wiggling its bottom along a whole parade of rhythmic percussion. With a little bit of easy research its clear that the Manipulant is under a spell, deep in a dense trance that enables Manipulant to make music unlike any other. Among this parade of super grooviness a real life voodoo queen appears, mumbo jumboing in a language that we don’t understand – but it is clear that this queen has tremendously influenced Manipulant to go into this state of being. Monkeys laugh and dance while taking us by the hand, easily joining this parade of enhanced entranced dancers, moving our hips, arms, legs in a way we had never moved them before.

The parade takes us on a incredible catchy journey, one in which our ears are getting stimulated, the brain cracked and taken over by a true procession of rhythmic sounds that easily takes over even the smartest thinkers and turns them into wicked groovy bodies that the voodoo queen seems to be pull into all kind of flexible ways. This voodoo queen is the real dance choreographer and puppet master who knows exactly what strings to pull for a mucle-moving party.

At a certain time the silliness of this situation kicks in, making us feel for a moment like funny magnets that are totally attracted to each other. Hugging each participant in this trance state rhythmic procession, with a smile while moving sillier and sillier. Complimenting each cuckoo ways that we walk (which is silly!) as the voodoo queen’s control of Manipulant had taken the road of a locked groove that would take us away to a late night club somewhere in the middle of a well hidden jungle filled with loopy looking weirdos.

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