VaporBaby – Illumino Descent 

artist: VaporBaby
title: Illumino Descent 
keywords: experimental ambient dreamcast drone electronic instrumental mario new age nintendo nintendowave sega segawave trap vapor vaportrap vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown Records

Oh how cute! When we heard the adorable news of a new vaporised baby being born over at ingrown records it was our immediate response to go and pay it a curious visit. When our eyes and ears met it was a love at first sight. With permission of the parents we took it out of the little cot and hold it up in the sky like a little simba lion. What a adorableness! So young, so innocent, yet so full of life.

The tiny tabby legs kicking away its trap beats like a wise visitor from the future who had already traveled a million lives before being reincarnated as vaporbaby. You could see it in the baby’s eyes, the knowledge of the world was already deeply tucked in there – probably something that would fade out over time, but for now was like a gold mine to stare in for a hopeful source of life’s questions.

You could hear panflutes when you just looked at it, playing happy melodies of joy and wisdom at the same time, totally unafraid for experiment and playfulness – with those adorable squeezable cheeks of rhythm that even took us for a surprising wiggle. A bird of prey could be seen as the baby’s protector, along with some chopped up incoherent gangsta rapper – making sure that this new born sweetie would grow up to stand fiercely on its own legs, spreading mellow grooves and merry melodies for many years to come.

Entrapping adults in its adorable cuteness while at the same time giving a vibe of not being the kind of baby to screw around with. With big church bells ringing out of its nappy, it is clear that this young one has a fruitful future laying ahead, filling it up with unseemly bass that no one wants to take off and toss away in a disposable bag normally intended for doggy pooh. The life of energy in this little one even has a bit of Radiohead in its look. Really making it one of the vaporised young ones that most people would line up to become its baby sitter. Come around and check this one out, the wise and the cute, the grooviest toughest fun baby in town!


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2 Responses to VaporBaby – Illumino Descent 

  1. ingrown says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. K kenney says:

    Absolutely perfection 👌🏼👌🏼
    I agree “yet so full of life

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