Death Cult Ritual – Torture Corps

artist: Death Cult Ritual
title:Torture Corps
keywords: experimental harsh noise noise Australia
label: Empty Warehouse

oh lala, I do not know what the front cover picture of this release is, but strongly feel that it is best not to know the truth behind it either. Luckily there is the possibility to click such art away and google a picture of happy blue skies and peaceful birds to stare at as the audio content behind this all is making way out of the speakers. Holy smokes and it does it so tremendously loud that even the googled feel good picture seems to have trouble staying sane. In fact it seems as if the picture wants to run away or grow some ears to immediately pour cement into them for a moment of self savior.


I can’t blame the happy picture as this music (or is it noise?) is pretty harsh on the ears, a whole whirlpool full of screeching headache infusions that feel like a mingling mixture of screaming victims and a whole assortment of gross torture devices that they are terrorized by. it’s a strange thing to hear, especially while staring at a picture of a blue sky, but still the pain that is captured within this sound is pretty much the real dominatrix over here. Is this the sound of pure frustration coming out all at once? Is this the content of a tax evader getting revenge by tormenting the bailiffs in a secret room inside its house?

It’s hard not to think that this audio is some kind of evidence for a painful session in a future court case, but than again it can also be simulated, & as a simulation of painful torture it seems enough to be send out to enemies in audio form to know that they should not screw around with whoever recorded and released this session of what they call ‘experimental harsh noise’ from Australia. Hope they don’t play this nearby a kangaroo as I’m sure it will be thoroughly pissed off!


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