PSA: YIKIS is taking a Holiday!


To our dear readers, creators, & friends

After  years of dedicated listening and reviewing, the team is taking some time out to recharge our batteries.

Readers, if you need some great recommendations, click here for a Random Review!

Creators, we love your submissions but won’t be checking them at this time so please hold off until we are back!

Friends, we hope that you are all keeping safe and well… we love you all!

The Doll, on behalf of the YIKIS Team

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3 Responses to PSA: YIKIS is taking a Holiday!

  1. You guys are the best! A well deserved Rest!

  2. Yellowhead says:


  3. SinisterThanatoDemonic says:

    Thanks a lot for your work, stay safe ! See you soon !

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