And… (i guess) we are back! Check out these heart-warming goodies that unfroze YIKIS out of hiatus! true Heroes!

Ok, Ok, officially YIKIS seems to be on hiatus. On holiday is what they say… but of course this is a lie as nobody here is allowed or in the position to take holidays. In any case whatever the reason, the itchiness to leave the YIKIS baby crying in its cradle, screaming for more baby-milk aka brand new ‘music’ reviews had been terrorizing the entire neighborhood. Lot’s and lots of complaints had flown in, people had been forming mobs (while still socially distancing themselves) in order to get me back to the YIKIS baby and feed it the nonsense as it had been done for all those years…

This here, might be the first bit of hope in probably a nonstop flow of music-attention as how can anyone let a baby cry for so long? Or how can anyone survive an angry mob of lunatics that wants nothing more than a bit of peace and a good sleep at night?

Now to focus on one band / one release / one thing at the time seems to be truly weird – as YIKIS is sooooooo hungry. So Let’s see if i can shove some ‘bottles’ up its hungry belly of multiple music releases that so deserve some love and cuckoo attention. Like for example this incredible bit of a collector’s item by the now legendary Quimper:

Artist: Quimper (yes you are reading it well!)
title: Dejado
label: Wormhole World

my little description: Oh my goodness, it doesn’t happen often to be able to get yourself a original Quimper on a quality CD, but when it happens (like this one over here) it’s a genuine opportunity to jump in the air with joy – so much so that you might crash your hardened head into the ceiling. But… even that local brain-damage seems to be absolutely worth it. “Dejado” is Quimper all over, takes its listeners on a journey of mysterious wanderings, from hauntingly beautiful, ear-scratching out-of-nowhere-electronics, magically unexpected melodies in which you might imagine to see vivid images of pretty ghosts dancing around with lovely smelly flowers in modern – yet distinctively abandoned buildings.

It’s pretty and melodic, spooky and yet beautiful; it can take the neck hairs to stand up, move your legs in a fancy dancing wobble and turn your sour face into one of massive smiles. In general this might be the happiest Quimper release that had ever jumped into my ears, something that must be considered a very high positive item to have in your own household to grab and play – as everyone can use some friendly casper-like ghost happiness! It’s so much better than watching or reading the news – trust me; get this one and you’ll be feeling much happier in no-time! And in worst case, you have some music in possesion that the writer from the blog that you are reading likes… so there is that!

artist: Pettaluck
title: S.T.E.M.
label: TQ-Naut

Oh yes, luckily for you and me, Pettaluck has released some incredible music again, superbly original, beating the algorithms like a professional boxer, dancing around like a ladybird that had grown some extra wings to make any butterfly green of jealousy. You might feel a little bit sad to learn that it is already sold out, but apparently getting the digital version is an option that never runs out! S.T.E.M. by Pettaluck starts from the start like a one way roller coaster of originality, giving everything ultimately like an orgasmic cosmos of personality and musicality. Yep, a whole mouth full! But it’s a nice one full of flavors!

It’s like listening to the love for making music on its very own, you can hear all kinds of instruments, voices and sounds forming melodies that you haven’t heard before; all buzzing and flirting around with the imagination like a cute ear-play that feels heartwarming, real, a micro-cosmos play of playfulness in which Pettaluck takes us towards different planets, other living spaces, dimensions – but all of them are very welcoming, friendly, superbly interestingly occupied with the strangest creatures, wonderous melodies, mind melting environmental sounds that you just wish to find a shaker, wear a silly hat and move to the same lala-land where Pettaluck had been, like a hippy, lose from pre-conceptual thoughts, going with the flow and ending with a firm collection of pure joy for the heart and the ear!

If you hear this, you can’t have a stiff upper lip about it, but want to revive your loser-blog and unfreeze it immediately to spread the word how great it all is! Gosh, isn’t real music by Pettaluck great? Go check it out as if you do not; oh, you haven’t lived!

artist: boycalledcrow
title: Mystic Scally
label: Wormhole World

Oh, yes another nice one out on Wormhole World. I know we must be genuine ass-lickers, but nope; licking ass got nothing to do with it, no offense to anyone out there doing this act of love right now ofcourse. No, Mystic Scally, from what I’ve heard – is one of those hypnotic rhythmic albums that will genuinely take you on a lovely fuzzy ride into electric bliss, leaving your cheeks (not your ass cheeks – or maybe those as well – its hard to check without a mirror!) all rosy and red: there is so much love to be heard on these pre-listenable tunes that I’m already convinced that listening to the full deal will deliver lots and lots of warm musical clouds to lay upon and float away upon. Just like some demi-god – hope there is some handsome angels feeding us some fresh grapes!

You can hear when an music maker is genuinely doing it for the love of making music & sometimes that works out terribly, but like all others in this ‘let’s revive YIKIS’ row of niceness, others are just so amazingly beautiful, it will be able to take your breath away, leaving you there all blue until the music becomes the handsome prince or princess of your dreams to kiss you all alive again.

Mystic Scally certainly got those elements going on; being dreamy, but also tough enough to be able to cut the beans and chop down the spikes and defeat your worst enemies with realness and love. It might even turn into a holy experience at the end. There is so much goodness that you simply can be guaranteed that you are listening to the artist’s heart – converted into music! Wow!

artists: Various

Oh yes, this one had been on my radar for so long, probably played it so much that if it was an actual record it would have been completely gone to dust right now. Luckily for me and you, this is a digital release so you can play it as much as you like until digital technology will have invented some new kind of format to be all modern about. In any case, this enormous release is a compilation of probably the best diversity strong women figures in the music and noise world.

Also here ‘genuine’ is the key, all of these artists are realer than real (a common theme among this list of must hear goodies!), expressing themselves while in times of Covid-quarantine. It is a party and a celebration of self-discovery, inner and outer self-reflection and expressions that goes from one way to another, forming a delicious collection that forms a surprisingly luxurious listen of what is out there in the women composer world!

And guess what… it’s a whirlwind of honesty, from melodies that will crack you into a pot of tears, to heartwarming moments of solidarity, to those signs in which you can’t resist to wiggle around in a tremendous groove, to be fully indulge in the interesting words of singer-songwriter extravaganza, sound – experiments and all those well working combinations! From punk synth expression, dinosaur yells, sweet and lovely, cuckoo film music, audio-art, passionate playfulness, natural happenings, to ass-wrecking wow – mind = blown over and over again kind of masterpieces!

A true album that can be listened to on repeat again and still will sound every time as if you haven’t heard it before; it’s so diverse that it is on its own one big source of inspiration, joy and mental health! You have to get your ears into this one – over and over again to see what might happen; you might break through the doors of the lock-down and escape the entire covid zone like a bird that is as free as eh… as free as a… bird! Such a super impressive collection you might not miss!

artist: Origami Repetika
label: 20kbps

Oh, yes! Another reason to unfreeze YIKIS is this unstoppable and untiring  great example of humanity and it’s musical abilities to always go on and create those music bits that hit you right into the feels. Origami Repetika’s latest release on the unstopable and simply admirable lobit label 20kbps is as wonderful as it is lovable. I would compare it to a fluffy pet animal who you just want to pick up, place on your lap and stroke it for the whole year unto the end of oblivion.

There is so much warmth and love placed into these songs and music, it’s hard to imagine anyone being so kind and so nice as this artist genuinely must be; all that you hear is out there for free and it is truly one of those finer gifts in life that can melt the ice of even the most frozen villains in the worst kind of disney movies. It’s in the way our hero sings, how he plays the notes and strums so lovingly the accords away that you simply feel as if you are in a protected place in which nothing bad can ever enter.

It’s electronica-tronic-folk with a true heart and soul that makes me happy to share as this is the music that gives hope that not everything has to be dead-end soulless, produced by mega companies for profit as the truthiness of a true personality expressing themselves is so, so , so , so much more amazing and powerful. Just hear Origami Repetika sing and play and tell me it isnt wonderful? If you do, you must be CEO at spotify as wow…

If you wish the safety of Sesamestreet was real, then take a true listen to this work as this feels safe and sane & is absolutely realer than real! it’s truly one big love-bomb in music form, it’s pure magic and… free! I mean, come on… this will kill all commercialism in an instant, brings back the love and makes the world a better place again! Just hear it, friends… You’ll be loving every second of it!

Okay, I guess for now the ice has melted, YIKIS is on again.. who knows what tomorrow brings, but I bet you will have something to check out now that will get you occupied for a day or so! Much blessings to you and hope to see you soon again! ❤ Go and check out these goodies and enjoy your day!

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