Garbage Pail Kids  – Garbage Pail Kids 

Artist: Garbage Pail Kids 
Title: Garbage Pail Kids
Keywords: experimental abstract clutter dada dictaphone drone gunk improv improvisation loops noise skronk sound-art Wigan
Label: Steep Gloss

Tapes, those wonderful items that cannot only be played, but also could be heard, held in your hands (feet or in between your teeth!) and be admired like the wonderful pieces of art that they could be! In this case it’s a miraculous tape released by Steep Gloss and is not only a beautiful beauty for the eye, ear-wise it’s a full on trip that will take you to another outward dimension that you’d probably never been before.


Let me talk Abit about it as honestly it is the kind of audio adventure that we need to sit down for and have many, multiple chats about. It’s hearable content is so much more than a bit of music, it’s like a world that will chomp you up as if you’d be a snack and the playable content a hungry art form that is in need for you as a satisfying bit of tastiness, who it will feed upon the cheerful bit of flabbergasted vibe that this music will certainly convey over anyone who is out there listening!

Side A… Oh my gosh! It’s like cute animals, mermaids singing, watery beasts that are playfully there to play many tricks with your mind. Lovingly spinning around with recorded audio recordings that have been nicely stretched out of context into a completely new life form, one in which joy and fun are interested into each other, celebrating their existence while triggering some kind of highly appreciated weirdness in which even Wham’s ‘last Christmas’ hit could be swimming politely as a fish in summer.

But even though this side being strange and positively filled with.curious curiosities twirling around each other, nothing and nobody could prepare themselves what side B has to offer. Sure the jolliness will return at the end as children’s songs get a happy jab as they sing Aya yippy while being flushed in to the abyss of a delightful cuckoo psychosis, Happily rattling around like a infectious disease of positive insanity in the inner circles of a mental hospital…

It’s the cheery push of super creative noise escapisms that will put anyone’s mind into a laser-like state of mesmerizing head boggling situations. Things sparkle, twinkle, rattle and act all idiotic while being iconic at the same time. Massive amounts of friendly obscure delights of audiologist’s wet dreams are all working hard to create some kind of sound playground in which children and adults are equally tossed in an exciting noise silliness that they would never thought to experience.

It’s super intense, funnily funny and at times some parts of the listeners brains might surprisingly explode from complex new experiences of true lunacy along the way! Highly positive, superbly lit with originality and surprisingly well fitting with the odd, yet pretty fascinating artwork that this must have tape is dressed in! A colorful play time for the imagination of the weirdly young and the playfully old:

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