Betonfraktion – I Changed My Sex

artist: Betonfraktion
title: I Changed My Sex
keywords: frank crijns happy jizzin’ dude kees swanenberg nick j. swarth provocase rock störsender swarth alternative rock guerrilla prog-rock noise rock post-rock queer queer rock Tilburg

Those Smelly Rags Aren’t Mine is what the gentlemen from betonfraction are trying to convince at the start of their album ‘I Changed My Sex”, but trust me they are certainly not mine either. They indeed smell like a new record, a tossed out piece of evidence that comes in like an traditional hearing test done by the professionals that have stayed at school for  long time and learned for it & than suddenly their well earned & neatly paid-off offices get a complete shake up in which their white doctors costumes suddenly become stained with dirt, dust, poop, puke and blood. I bet this is the ideal situation in which clean rags could be transformed into vile objects nobody wants to take credits for…

While these walls of safety and professionalism suddenly came falling down, the music immediately becomes a fun paradise for scum of the earth to come in. Ripping the wallpapers, kicking in the doors and dangling their bodies from light bulb to light bulb, as to physically show that they have plenty of ideas!

The poor educated person gets all trembled as guitars are popping the ears like a  challenge of something that needs to be broken. Drums are walking through the living room, using the unexpected listening listener as a doormat whose only purpose is to be stepped upon in a steady and tight pace, leaving wide foot prints and a nice stench all over its body. From my perspective it looks much better, but that might be because I’ve imagined me listening from the sideline, witnessing the involuntarily  single-person mosh-pit happen in front of my eyes with great delight.

While this manic circus is all happening the voice of Betonfraktion bashes through. Easy as a pie, got to buy, don’t be shy – buy buy buy! A capitalistic jab in the backside, spelling it all out for the consumer with big bright shiny letters that has no way to turn the other cheek, look away or unscrew its head: this is a key opener, ripping the floor apart and making the previously neatly ordered space into a chaotic shit hole that invites us to write truths on the walls with hands full of the victim’s diarrhea.

But if that is not enough, the show continues, disobeying the Corona rules; popping up the booze and ramshakling the bottles of pills from the little hidden cabinet. A mixage of blurry visions might come in, someone named Durby stumbles in, a stumbling sickness with a monkey of sickness on its head, surely turning the entire world upside down, as the music is going down like a bomb-shell this character is clearly inviting the devil to team up with it for a funny dance, wobbling the goat hooves on hot boiling coals like a guru’s wet dream. You can do it, you can live a life and end up whipping your ass for a dime!


The entire setting of neatness has all gone to shreds the further we leave the vibes of Betonfraktion do its thing. Flames are higher, the pots of burning souls are boiling with a distinctive odor that you wish to taste & yet know you would immediately feel sick. A wacky doodle situation in which the portals of hell have widely opened, sucked the entire comfort zone in for a good old beating on top of the bush! Waterfalls of self-flogging sounds, streams of liquid pooh are being sprayed everywhere and once we go through this state of shittiness and self-pity together we rise up, embrace our chocolate stuffed faces and live life like we might have never embraced it before! To Hell and back is better than an episode of crack (unless it’s a butt-crack!)

Of course after all the mayhem and touristic visiting of Hell, smelly music and visions of smells you could only imagine if you’d lovingly pointed your nose deep into a uncanny sewer system while trying to unlock a fire from a lighter, it is time to be a bit more intimate. A forceful attempt of tickling, cause you know you like it, after all you keep on laughing even though it’s beyond control; Betonfraktion plays and tickles along like an intimate slow dance in which dead lurks around the corner, one step closer to the same original death of eating too much peanut butter and choking on it.

The manic maniacs of this wonderful mayhem seem to reveal more and more their humanity when going down deeper and deeper into their infuriating fest of intelligence and sacrifice. They ask ‘what you gonna do’ which points out everyone’s insecurity, shall we do something, shall we leave it – behind every click lays an adventure – good or bad – shall we dare to take it or is better to leave it. Living life is better than being as dead as a plant, but still which way, which adventure is worth the road to nowhere? Betonfraktion is just as confused and clueless as all of us, even the trembled urologist might reschedule its sorted out life, even the dentist might look around and think; shit was everything worth it? I wish to have been a tattoo artist instead! All those adventures, all those endless clicks chicks inducements that will make everything a tit more exciting or be the dreadful end to it all! Freaking hell, the power of making
‘Choices’… that’s what Betonfraktion has underlined over here!

At the end, Andy Kaufman Shaggy Dog get a  novelty spot; a highlighting favorite that helps to somehow make the frightened and the scared to become friends again, helping each other in the remembrance to the greatest real life troll ever lived. Long before internet nerds had their memes, this Andy set out to distress and torment the world and its loved ones – wishing nothing more than to fake his death as the ultimate joke! Hooray, for Betonfraktion to cheerfully execute this release of ear-thrilling bits and bites, a shock-treatment that will tumble and shake up some hardcore life questions and shred them hard at the same time too! I guess ‘I Changed My Sex’ is in this case a roller-coaster, a visit to a funfair from hell in which sickness, humor and delight are the rides that you gladly pay a fee for! Go and check it out, especially if you are not insured! (adds the extra thrill!) 

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