Unknown Rockstar – Bare Winter Trees

artist: Unknown Rockstar
title: Bare Winter Trees
keywords: A longform guitar improvisation. Spiralling, steely, overtone rich guitar lines and loops create a variety of cold, metallic, but murky spaces. Emotions, sentimentality and the odd surprise arise.
label: Postmoderncore http://www.postmoderncore.com/

Do you know the Unknown Rockstar? It would be a shame if you did but also a shame if you did not. I mean, we all want the Unknown Rockstar to be forever the Unknown Rockstar and not the Known Rockstar; that would be weird… But to miss out on what the Unknown Rockstar has been doing Rockstar-wise would be a real pity too! I guess it’s like that saying: The knife cuts both ways!

In any case, I seem to be lucky enough to know about the Unknown Rockstar AND have a selective brain to be able to erase that I know the Unknown Rockstar at the same time too. Yep, complicated stuff, but oh so handy in times like these! In any case, I don’t know if you have similar skills, but at least try to hear the latest album by Unknown Rockstar as even though it might be that you will get to know the unknown, it certainly feels like something worth the sacrifice.

Of course I can understand your hesitation as there is always some kind of fear for the unknown, but that’s where YIKIS comes in. With this blog post I hope to get you warmed up to what you can or what you can’t expect. But trust me, you can’t expect garbage, polished turds or anything that smells bad. So that is already on its own a pleasurable sign to invite your own ears for a deep dive into the listening theratory.

So what can you expect? Pfew… I dont want to brag, but the classy way how the Unknown Rockstar is luring us in with unexpected kindness into the music that seems to convey a complete alternate state of mind is mindbogglingly pleasant, as good as magical and not D.I.Y. style if you aren’t Unknown Rockstar yourself that is…

I don’t know how the Unknown Rockstar does it, but the Unknown Rockstar somehow hypnotizes with guitar music that feels very far from traditional, using the instrument as a tool to go tripping towards the other side, mostly pretty and alluring, sometimes more gritty and dirty, but always catching you up with a bed of balanced niceness.

In fact it feels as if the music is that feeling of being stoned, a smokey bubble to hang your ears and mind in and get insanely loosened up and totally melted in a potent highness invoked by a true musical tripping journey through picturesque unknown spaces, melodies, landscapes, laid back adventures in which you aren’t even surprised that you can flow, fly and sleep at the same time.

In fact if anything, you can expect to lose track of time, see your own thoughts fly by out of your head and you can stare at them as they go and maybe have the powers to wave at them a goodbye, as with Unknown Rockstar playing it’s like you sit within the realm of a best friend, doing magical things in which nothing and nobody can possible harm you. All is warm, fuzzy, enjoyable like a psychedelic Valhalla in which we as listeners yourself can lose our egos, busy heads and whatnot and totally become Unknown too…

…And you know what? It feels wonderfully anonymous!  Letting everything go, down with the flow of this 45 minute trip of positive playfulness that happens under the musical guitar sorcery that Unknown Rockstar provides. In fact it is so pleasant that when it is all done and over with you might simply think that it didn’t happen, still somehow keeping the Unknown Rockstar unknown, while at the same time having experienced the deepest and kindest inner bits of melodic emotions from this rockers deepest soul! It’s crazy but wonderful!

Oh yes, It’s in fact a bit like listening to a miracle and unlike staring at a pyramid, this is one that is absolutely enjoyable and does not disappoint at any moment! Plus it is free – so fly, fly away into the unknown that hopefully gets known a bit by you as it is enchanting highness of spellbinding feel goodness in music form! Let the unknown be known and check this trip out:

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