blackONwhite – We’ve reached the end of the rainbow….On a Trip to The Heart-of-the-Sun

artist: blackONwhite
title:We’ve reached the end of the rainbow….On a Trip to The Heart-of-the-Sun
keywords:  experimental rock ambient and… dreamy psychedelic psychedelic rock Roxbury Township

To reach the end of the rainbow usually has a meaningful meaning in which a treasure is revealed, probably one protected by a funny looking garden gnome who spots a silly hat on its head and a quirky smile upon its face.
But not many people are known to have found this pot of gold and even fewer seem to have been able to reach that end of the rainbow before the whole colorful thing had been vaporized into thin air again. (A usual problem with rainbows) …there are more chances in the world to come across a lottery winner who doesn’t even play the game than a lucky adventurer who just came back from under the rainbow with a backpack filled with shiny stones…

Lucky the artist BlackOnWhite has a psychedelic trip in song and music form  that conveys probably pretty much how it must feel when you did find such a treasure under a rainbow. It’s not the same as having reached the jackpot, but still feels like a second best thing and so much easier to catch and find.
You just basically go to the artist’s Bandcamp account and click play and there you have it! Your eyes twirl, your mind becomes all blurry and you got that glowing feeling of happily floating around in some kind of entrancing trance of having found something that normaliter could only happen in fairy tales, or some other weird stories tossed out by your weird uncle.

Maybe it’s not actual gold and there might be even no gnomes, but look at the artist’s artwork: they do seem to have a lot of colorful rainbow things around. And also the music in itself is indeed like a treasure, one that could make a person blind, perhaps kinda similar to a gold rush, as that is how the material on this BlackOnWhite EP comes across – like a severe tripped out state in which some smart ass had managed to sprinkle some  LSD on top, lovingly making all attendees kindly spaced out in all colors of indeed a rainbow.

Everything is nicely tossed in the air, food, drinks and even in  your thoughts and now it might seem as it has taken your head hostage in a comfortable frenzy of uncanny mellowness. You probably won’t know what’s up or under, how many toes or fingers that you have.. but at the same time do not care about any of these things either. You only care about the music the BlackOnWhite has to offer here and probably don’t want it to end, just like you will feel dreadful when one of those magical real life rainbows disappears into thin air again.

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1 Response to blackONwhite – We’ve reached the end of the rainbow….On a Trip to The Heart-of-the-Sun

  1. thanks for the kind review.
    I always appreciate your taking note of my work.
    “We’ve reached the end of the rainbow….On a Trip to The Heart-of-the-Sun”
    is basically a double sided single based on the similarly titled Pink Floyd song mixed with Lennon’s “Tomorrow Never Comes”. The additional 2 cuts are the instrumental sans vocal & an alternative mix…..The rainbow aspect was because it is a followup to my pandemic tragedy album from May:
    “Our time after life as we knew it ended”
    ….as I said then “This album is made up of songs composed and recorded after March 10th. They are all about our time since then. Before, we were living life in a world where many simply lived their lives at a petty pace from day to day, with no thought or goals.
    The rest of us in our complacency, did nothing in 2016 to assure our world could simply …go on.
    We failed. This is our time”
    ………so the ep is a return from that place to my personal life with Psychedelia. Perhaps the ep is more meaningful when viewed with that thought in mind…regards BK

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