Stuart Chalmers – The Heart of Contemplation

artist: Stuart Chalmers
title: The Heart of Contemplation
keywords: experimental
label: Wormhole World

This has something of walking into a harem in which the air is filled with mysterious vibes, sounds of tockling instruments that welcome you into this realm of veils, beauty and body labour that might be voluntarily or not so voluntarily at all. I guess harems are a strange thing, just as that this music is a strange thing. But do not think it’s a negative vibe, as if you put your head away from the troubles of such a scenery and just enjoy it as a visitor with a brain functionality of a small fish who is amazed by its cheerful beauty of the air, the inhabitants, the decorations and of course the seductive musical vibes – it certainly will be an amazing visit that you will never ever forget.

Warm vibes, sensual sounds, hugging the ears like well willing beauties that knows how to make you feel at home, aroused and wanted. With a pleasant touch that will make you will feel very comfortable and are doing every to make you feel confident that this is the place in which you can lower your senses, get undressed and take a bath, massage or simply get seated next to a bumbling warmth to feel all relaxed and comfortable with.

Radio signals might brabble in the back ground, fuzzy fuzziness could point it’s head around the corners as if they had been little confused critters who had sttumbled into this hotness of a situation. in any case you seriously won’t feel alone or really uncomfortable in this brainmelting case of seductive tones and mysterious erotic music vibrations. You might even feel very contemplated when being surrounded in all of this sensual environment of music.

I know I was and still am, as even though normal music reporters would move on from one album to the next, I have decided to stay here for a bit longer than expected. Hell, I might be here all week as why move away from such a hallucinating comfort zone? There is nothing to complain about, everywhere that you look you witness beauty, everything is polite, sensible and surely satisfying all that you could possibly wish for. As long as you won’t ask questions about who is running this harem of wonderful music, what is behind all this gorgeous material and if it’s all ‘fair trade’ proof: I would certainly invite you to come over, find yourself a pillow and enjoy the pampering that this release has to offer.

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