V/D; Various Duets – Two Halves Vol. 6a

artist: Various
title: Two Halves Vol. 6a
keywords: avant-garde country death metal duets electronic experimental experimental vox improvised noise rock improvised music Toronto

Don’t think too much about the concept behind an album in which multiple artists are involved, but just plug your head in and listen, listen and than listen some more as you keep on listening. You will see that time will fly by, that the music will take you on a date of true wonders, a adventure with lots of beautiful happenings, excitement and most importantly: a great time spend with inspiring happenings as they are offering truly a pleasurable amount of  excellent musings. Things are clearly wonderfully made to outmost perfection, ready to hear with the ears, soul and mind proving a true story of talents working together to deliver you an amazing listening experience.

Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi / ELMS – Push

Two people joined as one, coming across like an epic concert as big like a Annie Lenox and a David Bowie in front of a filled up stadium full of admiring people. They shape and form each other’s music while supporting with a huge bigness that could move the entire audience of complete underground partipants to tears, ultimately done with so much feelings that they all could attempt to sing along as their salty drops of water form the solution for draughts of the ground.

EISENLAGER / whoknowswhocares – Die Bor Maschine

Two other are combining their forces, creating a mystique cold vibe in which they take us on a radiology story of seemingly scientific audio experiments. It’s like listening to trusted barbers cutting the back hairs of a customer the electric way as a collage of creeping strangeness are slowly been let lose to have a colorful field day within a listeners brains. Once in there it’s as if they pave the way for layers of comfortable ambient, a nice flow constructed by lush rhythm that certainly would make even the biggest heavyweight feel like they are able to fly out of their barber’s chair for a flight around the ceiling. Isn’t it wonderful?

40 OctavesBelow / DesuExSounds – Nonlocal Construct

Move over silence as more experience of sound have to go into the mind as organized by a collaborative effort by two different individuals. Here it’s as if one is throwing some dices, letting lean fingers rattle on a keyboard while another inserts done gasses, a solution of rough raspy electronic music that feels as if it came straight out of a scene of a dark and grim future. Can we expect blade runner running up and down, cyber goths taking over the Whitehouse and the end of sunlight as we know it? It might indeed be!

B.P. Hughes / David Nadeau – Temple of Anxiety

More than two individuals doing their things together isn’t allowed on this fine collection of odd duos. Trust me that is perfectly enough as these ones here proof to be distinctively plugged into each other to deliver a exciting but noisy electricity that would thrill even the biggest killjoy in the room. Bells accent the buzzy fuzzy fuzziness that seem to shape and form unclear melodies in the noise spectrum. You would hold your breath when they do their call for existence, humbling down for some kind of miraculous listening experience that feels so much more interesting and comfortable than putting a fork into a electric socket. In fact it’s a huge breathaking trip that goes away way to quickly.

Jukka Pekka Kervinen / Erik Culp – Gasoline Tuba Ego Trip

Lucky it makes space for the excellent service that these two different collaborative artists are doing to anyone in their fight against boring silence or boring music for that matter. Here they opt for intelligence, rattling with smart rattling programmed interesting drums of the intellectual kind while sedating these rhythms with wondering layers of emotional synthetic synth work that feels as if a dream of an industrial world had suddenly came to life and is able to show that it has emotions of sadness just like everyone else.

LIGHT ORGAN / DJ ANY WAY – Beyond The Tremors

Things here are waving around each other like a bleak blessing, one in which holy weirdness of deceased monks howl their existence away from various strange entrapments in audio form. You can hear some individuals scream while a hot bath of sound breathes in the air to form a last minute decision to stay alive that has no choice of floating out uncontrollably. You can follow these whispers as they are on their ways out, sliding down the left and the right ear in order to probably grab onto your soul for the sheer sake of self survival.

Ben Presto / Lost Lanterns – Death $mell$

The two people taking over this estafette of dualistic collaborative explorations seem to know how to carry on in the right order and mood. They call upon all the active agents to form a sedative mellowed nightmare scenario that could be straight coming from a movie that hasn’t gone straight to video, but has rather got released immediately into ones head. Somehow evoking a lush horror in which your own brain might make the odor of burned human meat as ambiance keep the fire burning in all its cozy deeds.

NMTArts / MUWN – Industrius Machinations

And than the two halves break the sky and open up the gates of hell and heaven for some kind of solidair militant action among each other. A fuzzy electric guitar waves it’s sword in the middle of the individuals battleground like a true friend who is not  interested in losing the battlefield. Noise of strict rhythm give us looks of anger; if this is heaven winning than it sure got it’s knee-high boots on ready to kick a bleak’s future’s ass. The industry sound of a militant fight are like a scene that won’t take pictures disobeying orders from any side of the spectrum.

Wilfried Hanrath / David Sait – Golden Guzheng Sunset

But here are two different individuals who are heading toward a more detailed peaceful zone. One in which minstrel twinkle works of a handplayed tockling instrument is wonderfully blessed by electric warmth of bass and fine digital synthetic strings. It gives hope and happiness, not at all the vibe of a discounted future, but more one in which hope and happiness do work together for the greater good.

PENDRO / James Bailey – Victoria Has No Step-Free Access

Here the two halves working as one really will trick any unexpected listener. They do this by slowly slipping their sound in as if they are part of your usual background, quietly fading in to form some kind of jubilent mystique that flows as joyful as a Sunday morning  rings of a gospel, while at the same time keeping itself far removed from anything categorizable. As mysterious as they must be they certainly form a long drone piece in which you ought to be carried away by, to a fiber lala land in which joy lays the underlying undertone while done in such a way that it isn’t very obvious.

Anthony Osborne/ Parris Hillton – Map vs. Territory (How to Make Friends)

Here the two halves break the hot item of shopping, following by a beautiful conceptual piece that seems to discover by giving us true warmth the age-old question ‘how to make friends?’ and I guess hearing their roadmap created by equal beauty it is clear that their instant friendship had been made on the higher understanding of creating wonderful music together. As a listening listener you will feel as if they have instantly befriend us too: it’s that kind and caring in the beauty department.

Patrick Fuellbeck / Whalt Thisney – transcendent manipulation

Also in the middle of the wonders that this collection of duos teaming up has to offer lays another miracle. One in which   good vibes of new age information, inspirational knowledge and truly believable lush tones of amazing ambiance are keeping it all tofethee,. It’s like a warm revelation, a pretty flow of kindly zooming out on piano notes that flow on a beautiful cloud of sound.

Niniji Chen / {AN} EeL – Fumaria officinalis

Than the collaboration between two miraculous artists are setting a adventurous setting of world traveling. You can hear Chinese business of human activities while slowly being kept together with a fine line of less-is-more percussion. It feels as if it gives us listeners the opportunity to go to the far east while at the same time cycling down south of the far west, you could even hear the wheels being turned as the soundtrack moves smoothly moves us from one captivating illustrious scene into another. When warm piano music moves into a place in which high speed traveling devices move in, it’s the rightful way to say goodbye and slip through the speakers into another brand new adventure.

Piotr Szreniawski / Marek Maganiusz Kielgrzymski – RASANA

Here we are being treated by these two unique characters with something that comes across as deliriously off, as if some kind of magic spell is being sprayed out from one ear to another while a deliciously detuned wonderworld of strangeness sets a tone of mystique drunkenness. It’s just as comfortable as it is tediously weird and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Garbageface / Lezet – based_organic

Now we seem to have reached the moment of clear Valhalla stardom. The duo brings organic rhythmic flows that are super lush, glowing the ears like well willing beauties that knows how to use their talents to deliver charming sounds of a hugging music heaven. The rhythm gets more bald and clearly aims to take us away from reality into the mind of these two classy artists. Before we know it we dance in a comfortable trance, bouncing away on a thick bass kick while being lovingly spinning around on a beautiful cloud of sound.

Christopher Petkus / Spaghetti Castle. – The Other Otherworld

The heavens of music certainly didn’t close their wonderous gates just yet, as here the collaborative artists are setting up the new grounds for a blissful mind of true wonder like no other. Think of being drenched in a dream of pure nature that you had never seen before. They take us clearly to another world, one filled with creatures, mysterious sceneries, pretty sights and sounds that will speak tremendously to the more illustrious side of the imagination. With great pleasure they seem to reveal this treasure-place like a home full of wonders, truly aiming for a flight of pschedelic sight seeing.

Tim Kaiser / Homo Trans Futura – Compared To What?

For this moment our ears are buzzed by welcoming synth work and what feels like colorful hand done percussion. Together they howl us into a cave-like environment of strange wondering heights, one in which anything can happen, beauty can flap it’s wings on the dripping ceilings in the shape of never heard before butterflies, howling animals of seismic origins, hugging and puffing like electric machines that had turned more alive than your average human in the street. Things breath here, creating a excellent place of true excitement, making me marvel at the artistic miracles that can happen when being assigned to each other.

Shiver For Yeti – Moth To The Flame

For a final flight a final dualistic collaborative effort has opened up like a true flower. With beautiful voice, singing wonderful words, on beautiful fields of  clean soulful music and corresponding fieldrecordings we truly seem to be treated with a blessing of a true collection of kind colours, pleasing the mind and the ears attached to each side of our head with the best possible hug of deliciousness: the best gift of music that this wonderful opportunity of a album has to offer! Truly outstandingly gorgeous and what a great way to end this moment in a listeners time!

You will enjoy this album, if not; I’ll eat my own shoe!


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