Rosé Perez + Period Bomb – Born in a Bag

artist: Rosé Perez + Period Bomb
title: Born in a Bag
keywords: baltimore punk divas egg punk kc miami mutant pop noise punk noise rock post punk post-rock weirdo punk Miami

Oh gosh walking around exploring a new town with Rosé Perez + Period Bomb playing the soundtrack of the journey is a good bag of good time and asking for trouble. Period Bomb offers great hysterical content, from organized chaos, humorist piss taking and seemingly freak accidents that all work out so brilliantly well. Rosé Perez + Period Bomb starts by poking fun at the highly over-hyped royal wedding by all taking the vows to marry the English brat whose slight reduction of hair does not get unnoticed by the gruesome paparazzi’s eye. It’s a thing that normally as a opening would probably not work very well, but in the colorful finger-flippong world of hysterical content of Rosé Perez + Period Bomb it’s simply the best opening you could ever have wished for.

Going on a journey with this album on the ears is clearly risky, your ears and mind might enjoy it so much that being driven over by a speedy participant of a busy traffic scene could become an easy reality. But if you go, you will be at least laughing or dancing your way to the after life, or better said; you would at least go out while hearing the best fun music you could possible find, probably making you bleeding from getting ran over not at all into a painful period.

Yes, Rosé Perez + Period Bomb is the playfullest control freak around, having cheerful elevating spirits that have tossed out shame and instead replaced it with a joyful work of freedom. It’s the kind that speaks to anyone in need for some action, done humor, a certain kind of frolic edginess in which you can dress up as you like and laugh at the faces of anyone who points at you in shock horror of simple disgust. Out of this bag comes the kind of material that would make you wish that you had been  bleeding from your panties down below just to feel a bit closer in style with the potent happiness that this music is tossing our heads in. I could certainly not stand still, stepping out of line and crossing the roads without even looking up at a traffic light’s red glow.

It’s a miracle that I could still write to you this incoherent ‘review’ of this album, so please be kind if nothing makes absolute sense. I mean, Rosé Perez + Period Bomb took over and kept making me into a dancing queen with ripped stockings of fluorescent kind, laughing my head off as imaginary thick layers of bright mascara dropped down my cheeks and my hair grew all wild and spikey. I risked my life walking on the highway while imagining being one with the girls of sheer fun! A delightful feeling of being free, having a bunch of cheerful friends and a good reason to jump for joy instead of in front of a bypassing car.

Rosé Perez + Period Bomb offers songs about placentas, sexy cowboys, indeed royal weddings nobody secretly seems to care about and yet we do… but also masculinity, the social niceties and more highlights that all pass by way too quickly. I would lie if I said  to you that I did not feel sad when the album stopped at the end, but luckily (after playing the last track and my personal favorite ‘control freak’ song a couple of times on repeat)I happily jumped on the option to play the whole bag over again! It’s fun and definitely worth the risk!

It was to me at least another excellent and exciting positive experience, full energy, like an anarchistic playground that very well seems to knowledgeably what it is doing!  Rosé Perez + Period Bomb certainly does it’s best in providing excellent bass and kicks to get yourself out and be deliriously hyped up from instant hard playfulness, laughter, and leaves plenty of space for a time to enjoy some jolly good jumping around. Even playing the flute like a maddening genius has been executed to achieve great pleasure over here… yep, I was hooked and will be hooked forever. Best Period Bomb I have ever had! Period.

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