Constantly Turning, Unoriginal – Radio Tapes

artist: Constantly Turning, Unoriginal
title: Radio Tapes
keywords: Constantly Turning Unoriginal, Sound Collage, Radio, Tape Manipulation, Avant-garde, lobit, sub65 media
label: Sub65

It is difficult to say what is really going on over here, but let’s imagine going into a stranger’s attic and stumble upon a couple of dusty looking tapes and a madly sentimental tape-loving being sitting in between them with some kind of tape deck mixing and playing them. 

What will you do? I don’t know what you would do as I’m not you. Someone else might freak out, run away or be a little bit more adventurous and sit down and settle in this strange phenomena in which this tape-loving-person fiddles around with the sounds of nostalgia. As these old tapes seem to be filled up by sounds that are certainly full of it. 

Might their content be taken from old radio broadcasts? Whatever it is, there is amazing jazz, smoothness, radio-voice-presenters thanking you for your money donations, soulful soul, cut up information and odd golden oldies that are so real that you might feel like you are on a luxurious time travel to a steaming jazz land and even some weather forecasts from the long gone past!

The tape fanatic in the middle of it all throws them into each-other while playfully playing around with the buttons for speed change, turning things up to make them play like mickey and minnies on a speedy drug rush or slowing things down as if the historic radio broadcasts are coming straight out of a k-hole.

It’s an interesting collage that also qualifies as a resemblance of zap-culture that originally dives back into the ‘good old days’. It’s like a historical document saved from decay but presented in a discovery-kind-of-way that fits the short attention span of the nowadays. I reckon to put it on, do your thing and absorb the cuckooness as a thematic backdrop of low-brow culture meets great music in the weirdest way!

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