LLAMA / OLO – Live in Asia (Tape #2)

artists: LLAMA / OLO
title: Live in Asia (Tape #2)
keywords:  experimental drone noise Switzerland

When you hear these two live recordings of Llama/OLO in Asia you could easily close your eyes (mind you: not the ears!) And imagine them on a noise platform with a gigantic audio system bigger and better than anything that they had played on at home. what they brought out of these speakers are immersive sounds, probably not used themselves to pop out that loud, maybe even them sounds are a big shocked top to suddenly stand there in the middle of the center of attention. Not having stage freight, but still a bit like wtf I’m here and look at me flowing shameless out of this system into this venue in Hong Kong and in Ho Chi Mingh city…

Oh my goodness, us sounds, us as noise – now we are so fully exposed, so naked, so judged in front of a audience in Asia.. oh goodness help us… And than they change into really getting confident within their own skin. They accept their own selves, really believing that what they are is the best for the environment and move into a style of  no holding back, proudly ready to spread out their existence.

You can hear it, the confident tones, the noise that feels good in its own skin. It’s not there to entertain or please anyone, it just wanted to go and flow, stand o. It’s own legs and fill up the space with immersive sound & indeed who will stop them or even blame them? Not me, not you, not a single person that stumbled into one of these venues.

These sounds of noise simply do their own thing, claiming their own rights to live and be proudly out and about. It only makes sense that people like you and me embrace these qualities and help let these noises spread out of these places into our own places around the world. It’s like one big coming out session with the noises saying ‘here I am’ accept me as I am and celebrate my existence… And so we do! 

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