Brian Bordello – King Of No- Fi

artist: Brian Bordello
title: King Of No- Fi
keywords: alternative independent indie lo fi singer songwriter world music Sydney
label: Metal Postcard Records

There are a lot of things to get excited for, but to make such a list feels more a thing for hipster sites, but one thing is for sure: Brian Bordellos’s latest King Of No-Fi is probably not on it. They do not know what they are missing, or probably are too much into running around like a mental head on killjoy buzzwords that sitting down and listening to the kind calm work of true-isms must be hard for them without being tied up or superglued to a chair… fair enough; this one is for us, super real, genuine, pure, caring, nothing to hide, all masks are off… That’s why we skip the list and just give some well deserved attention to this newly released phenomenon of human ear-candy. 

Brian Bordello has a full on package on this album, one that defines him and his place into the golden throne of rocking out kindly in some kind of rocking chair of calmness, seated probably in a very warm and cozy special corner of the free world. revisiting memories, laying out private truths, truly exposing his magic and tragic inner bits, but also not tossing his humor out of the window. A riddling riddler who seems to have unzipped his chest and let his heart out. But instead of a bloody happening of nightmares, it’s a truly listenable occasion in which you meet Brian and his new form of nostalgia. 

It’s a whole collection of honest and believable songs that are truly genuine and lovable. Sang like true reflections of his life and knowledge that surrounds it, he does this with the softest spoken voice you could probably not even imagine that it could exist without dipping your ears into this no-fi-kingdom for confirmation. It is clear that this covers all, from true romanticism that is not  shying away from a classy erection, celebrating one’s own individualism, atheism, believing in yourself and wonderful muses that are around you, with great poetry, wonderful rhymes, fuzzy lovable melodies and a charm to bow for just like you are obliged to do when you meet a royalty! I bow to you, King Brian Bordello and let me tell you; i bow to no-one! Hell, even take my head off and salute with a firm hooray! Long live the kingdom of No-Fi!

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