MC Mustaj – Queercochino

artist: MC Mustaj
title: Queercochino
keywords: hip-hop, rap, queer, hotness!

MC Mustaj is hotter than hot on this queer celebration that would make any straight or gay male person wish they had been a well equipped sexy lesbian as that’s seemingly the only person who might has a chance to spray out the bush fires that are burning hard within this album. 

While Pinocchio  has the reputation to lie alot, MC Mustaj as Queercochino is the absolute far opposite; she is so truthful and honest that her nose won’t do much as a strap-on. Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of sex appeal to be enjoyed over here, but also if that isn’t your thing you can still shake your hips, dangle your arms in the air and hobble around your bum like you don’t care to the thick welcoming  grooves, inviting bass, pleasurable percussion and rhythmic flows of MC Mustaj’s irresistible fire of words. 

It’s a energetic energy that flourishes in its own  unique contagiousness. MC Mustaj directs us to be our own boss, while at the same time ordering the rightful moves to make the sweat to stream through our own crack. The album focuses on two things, with high hotness in which everything seems to be about putting shame aside and let go in order to give into the sexuality, to take out the animal from within, forgetting all your problems and be one with queer hornyness  is liberatingly celebrated.
But at the same time MC Mustaj slips in some truthful anti-establishment truth-bombs that makes this collection gain a much larger package: one in which people of all kinds can stand behind and make it their soundtrack of rebellion against the top of the corrupt system. With the realness and courage to speak what is on this MC’s mind she is  a powerful example to open the gates of sheep and let them run around freely!
So whether you enjoy songs about accepting your own big behind, bouncing it around proudly on the inviting killer tunes or are sexually educated, or sensually liberated in the all out (no secrets!) ways of words – you know that everything that you hear on Queercochino is as real as it can get and that MC Mustaj will be happily make your girlfriends wet from music, while also  dancing way  upfront in a brand new revolution! Freedom sounds like a hot party and MC Mustaj çertanly has the words and grooves for it!

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