Sarah Schonert – Headphone Paralysis

artist: Sarah Schonert
title: Headphone Paralysis
keywords: electronic eclectic ethereal indie pop piano singer-songwriter Peoria

I’m not sure if Headphone Paralysis is the debut album by Sarah Schonert, but if it is… What a strong and sweet one it is. It’s as if she opens her heart and just gives and gives. She delivers loving duets with herself, balances it mostly on piano and electric sounds like a spread of realness and love, sings her heart out like a blessing brave heart that has no secret agenda. Like a mockingbird that jumps, flying around and rises up like the morning sun. 

She is clearly getting out  in all her daring openness, freely feeling confidently exposed and being super strong spirited because of that. At times I feel like listening to Disney anthems, that will elevate the young and the old to exotic heights. You can look these songs in the eye and now that everything of them is true, she is overtly exposed and giving everything over here which makes this album so remarkable inspiring and moving.

 There is so much love, so much feelings, plenty of positivity, so much strength by being so strong to totally toss the need for masks, the grotesque star allure weirdness of disguising yourself truly out of the way to flourish in giving her own self, whether you like it or not. It’s hard not to feel it. No secrets, honesty and all out is what Sarah Schonert seemed to have chosen to do & the result is a breathing album of pure emotion, admirable courage, strength and honesty. 

An album (debut or not) , is stronger than most and really real… Making it at times hard to not feel emotionally be overwhelming impressed by it, ready to be moved to tears by the emotive way of heartfelt playfulness of the melodies being played or Sarah singing so passionately. My hairs in the back of my neck have risen up a lot while listening to the feel goodness that this album is so full off from. A musical from the heart. If this is paralyzing through headphones than let’s say that I’m a happy vegetable listening to this again and again… And i do think you should become a happy plant too as listening to this is worth it!

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