Satanique Samba Trio – Instant Karma

artist: Satanique Samba Trio
title: Instant Karma
keywords: avant-garde experimental instrumental samba world music brasil brazilian music experimental forro free jazz jazz punk tropicalia world music Brazil

It’s weird, especially in corona times, but when you are putting yourself out there on a troubled bit of technology called a dating app, there might be a big chance to be asked plenty of times to go and engage in some kind of threesome. Now I’m not sure about you, but I’ll always give those invitations a pass but if it’s the satanique samba trio asking for me to join in the fun, making it probably a foursome, I would be glad to oblige; this is a trio that is sounding and coming across as a whole lot of fun. 

They cough, they laugh, they pep and they honk, they funk, they cream their humorist spunk for a nice bit of insane sensory overload of cheerful fun. You think a freak show in town is fun? I guess you haven’t get accustomed to this lot. They have every bone in their bodies replaced  with a funny bone so to speak, clearly going on a cruise of quick and fast packed entertainment that delightfully snorts up a beloved lunacy that most people could only dream of having cravings for. 

Their short tunes are a fast pact screw you punk finger to the old school scums who are proud to not be able to play one chord and still sing about getting rid of the queen and raise anarchy. No, even with all their mental attitude they for sure don’t hide the funny fact that they could actually play damn well, that music rules their veins and that madness might be having great intercourse with the scientific artifacts of being geniuses of the mind.

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1 Response to Satanique Samba Trio – Instant Karma

  1. GG Allin says:

    Fuck yeah!!!

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