BJ Snowden – Life in the US and Canada

artist: B.J. Snowden
title: Life in the US and Canada
keywords: amazing music and songs

Life in the US and Canada is a wonderful album of truthful pureness. I even dare to say that it’s one of the purest ones out there, very stripped down exposing the legendary artist named BJ Snowden in all her sincerest ways. The album contains swinging moments of wonky brilliance, but the ultimate pleasure for me can be found in the songs written and played by her that are the ultimate earworms that once heard might stay there and treat your head as their new home.

The combination of these two values sitting together as one on this album makes this release such a valuable one (in my humble opinion) in record history. The hit song that is truly one of my favorite songs of all time ‘In Canada’ stands firm on the album, still giving me goosebumps every time I hear it. Singing loudly along while BJ Snowden gives the most impressive Canada ode ever… In fact I believe that this should be the national anthem for Canada, it’s such a positive world that BJ Snowden sketches, clearly making even the most disinterested traveler wanting to pack their bags in order to pay the jubilant praised Canada a visit.

But next to this hit, there are so many others on this album that are all worth your time and notion, like for example the goose bump inducing Us navy song… the songwriting is truly stunning, perfectly done an anthem to pay tribute to these American fellows and galls that sail out on the battleships to believable protect their country. Amazing songs like these are lovingly fitted in between the melodic musical escapades that clearly do their ultimate best to showcase how much fun BJ Snowden loves music and how much she enjoys making it. So much so that it works superbly infectious.

These swinging moments of playful music with a soul that these artist provides is working severely infectious, creating happiness in my head which might be a great treat to anyone else in need for pleasant infection of joyful vibes: BJ Snowden got it all for you! I love this album so much that I’m pretty sure to never ever get tired of it. Backdrop voices, melodies, the all round sincere voice of BJ Snowden brilliantly dropping her words in a strength of her very own making. It is inspiring and uplifting. The artist skill to write such wonderful songs that go in and never grow old is one that can only be done by a creative genius who lives for her art and I have no doubt BJ Snowden is exactly that. No big marketing company behind her, no one is telling her what to do… BJ Snowden moves me gladly to tears.

All kinds of them,of joy and happiness and emotional emotions. But mostly uplifting and in sweet quirkiness. When BJ Snowden sings ‘from the chapel to the courtroom’ you will swallow all your words and truly know that this isn’t just your average misunderstood music executioner but a true flower in the world of musicians and performers. She has the fun all the way integrated in her style, adding humor and joyfulness to her work that can clearly be heard in her tune 98 in which a whole collection of car honk sounds and even an warm applause had been integrated. What is not to love of BJ Snowden? And this album.. it’s digging through a treasure chest finding one gold piece after another, showing the artist enormous variety of her skill. BJ Snowden is a worldly treasure and wow…

This should be treasured and acknowledged by everyone. Just hear ‘falling in and out of love’ and just be blown away by her wonderful voice, with an amazing range and clarity that should be enough to make every music critique turn around and fall off their chairs. The music is in her heart, comes out through her fingers playing the enthusiastic melodies, her mind with creative songwriting and her voice that is utterly fluid and expressive. Seriously, hear the album with an open mind and witness a colorful sincere person who is not only that, but is also very much able to set this wonderful pureness to music and songs. Sincerely one of the best things around that you should take the time for and explore if you haven’t done so yet! send her a mail, asking her how to obtain one of these wonderful cds and trust me: you will not be going for a disappointment!! A timeless album of wonderful music!

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