Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – internal errors

artist: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
title: internal errors
keywords: electronic algorithms coding experimental flashcore glitch semimodular speedcore Finland
label: 64Hz Records

To go into this world you might be warned that it feels highly high tech. Electronic electrodes fly by through ingenious created passageways of a future that comes across as most divined. Things rattle and bling out to clearly convey a life that stands on their very own, a utopia in which machines are ruling over humans and beasts, clearly highly capable to live a life of their own, one of intelligence and artificial brilliance.

Nobody is allowed to enter this backbone of electrodes that seems to flourish over here, yet we are able to hear them upfront and close thanks to Jukka-pekka Kervinen. Accidental errors are becoming wonders in this highly scientific world of sounds and unclassified data structures. If you think autechre had the way in, you might have to reschedule your prejudices as it’s clear that the true key to this kind of work is in the hands of this finish artist. Robotic movements, strange things that seemingly seem to live a life on their very own, looking down conceptually on normal life of flesh and blood, accumulating it and doing it all way better.

The mighty machines of sound and smartness are clearly out to play the day away. Rattling like frantic fanatics that just embraced their ability to live a life on their own & are now very happy to explore their newly gained experience to the ultimate max. They do not care about human things like a start or a beginning, but instead they go full throttle style, clearly giving a soundtrack for us scared sci-fi lot to witness and be bewildered by. And indeed, to me it clearly worked as when this electric mayhem of mathematical strangeness had done it’s thing I was finding myself in a place clearly designed to beg for more! 

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