Moralix – 禅

Artist: Moralix
electronic ambient drone drone ambient experimental meditation vaporambient vapordrone vaporwave Copenhagen
Label: Fireflower foundation

禅 by Moralix has the power to make it seem as if the concept of all that you see and feel had been all a bit of nonsense. Somehow by showing us a picture perfect church with cling clong bells at first sight has a lot to do with this unexplainable effect. Once you see it it feels like a miracle, but when you do embrace it all will be suddenly taken away from you into doneness. Yep, all is gone, turbulently turned into fluid strangeness that makes you feel as if all that you normally would think was a concrete thing to hold onto had been not at all what it seemed to be. In normal circumstances this would be a  mind boggling thing, but in Moralix way of sound creation your head will be so cloudy that you don’t even have the time to grasp what have taken you into this absorbing audio form.

Things are gassy, endless, with no sign of borders, shapes, walls, corners, roofs or floors. There are no ups and no belows, nothing to bump or hide against and yet it’s pretty much all there, dense and clear, clouded and busy. Eventually to me it is the epitome of being lost, of being inside a happening that allows zero orientation. And if you have a bit of orientation left, you simply would be unable to reach or make sense from any of it. Here all is one and equal, no directions, no gravitational elements but a doggy disoriented happening that makes you feel as if you are the missing puzzle piece in a puzzle that can never be made complete, but for sure does it best to make you feel as one.–26

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