Francesca Heart – Ianassa Alga Miraggio

Artist: Francesca Heart
Title: Ianassa Alga Miraggio
Keywords: experimental ambient drone electronic new age vaporwave Fairfax
Label: ingrown records

Francesca Heart lets us dive in the music with our beautiful bathing costumes, properly decorated with a designed pattern of colorful flowers and starfishes. Oh we feel so delighted as the music twinkles around our healthy body lines, how it sparkles fluently against our perfect waistlines. Francesca knows how to make us feel like the beautiful jellyfish that we like to look at in those natural deep sea documentaries. The sounds of music feel so bubbly, clean, as if in this wondrous waterworld are no oil spills and there is enough air flow for fishes to get a nice belly tickle.

Here we swim, feeling beautiful and lighthearted. As if our diets have been a success and the music of Francesca Heart the ideal place to show off our new mermaid / mermaid men skills. Here we flap our waggly tails and show off our perfect figures among all the wonderful things that this place is offering. Above us we can hear the clear waves slowly flowing underneath a high shining sunny sky. We can feel the bubbling bubbles escaping the bottom of the ground, flowing up towards us in all its remarkable refreshing ways as they find their way towards the surface.

Everything here is perfect. We have no problem breathing, moving or being flexible gorgeous in all our own ways. Bald people suddenly have long wavy hairs and if you had hairs on your head it just looks more stunning and way more healthier than usual. That is the power of Francesca Heart’s music. Even the singing above the stunning underworld are singing out in pure wonder…

Being here makes you feel good, weightless and bendy. Among beautiful coral reefs and interesting colorful underwater wonders you are feeling like a mystic being that fits right in. Dolphins might kiss your nose, seahorses sing in your ears and fantasy creatures are having no fear to show themselves in your presence. It’s a party of watery sparkly sealife wonders, electric, active, fresh, gorgeous and you are anything but a misfit!

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